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How to haggle for a new car – things you simply can’t forget

Do you know how to haggle effectively when buying a new car?  Money Advice Service research reveals 64% of those who tried to negotiate when buying a car were successful, with just 16% of those fail... Read More

Moving back in with your parents: a survival guide

If you’re thinking of moving back in with your parents, you’re not alone. In fact, for the first time ever, it’s the most common living situation for the under-35s. But, for all of the benefits ... Read More

Freelancer loan: How to get a personal loan when freelancing

Finding a company that will approve a freelancer loan – whatever your field or sector – can be particularly tricky. In the eyes of the bank, as a freelancer (or contractor, consultant or self-emp... Read More

Dance fitness classes for adults in the UK

Dance fitness classes are very popular and have become the new craze among fitness enthusiasts in the UK. A regular work out at the gym can sometimes feel like a monotonous chore and can send the eas... Read More

Funding a wedding can be stressful – Top tips to plan your dream wedding

Funding a wedding can be a headache. There’s so much stress and pressure (normally, pressure that you put on yourself!) to get the day exactly how you imagine it. The last thing you need is the adde... Read More

Keep your passport safe on holiday: be #PassportAware

Do you keep your passport safe when travelling abroad? The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is urging Britons abroad to be #PassportAware and keep their passport safe from thieves. They want to r... Read More

Saving for a mortgage in your 20s: How to buy a house?

Saving for a mortgage and buying a house in your twenties used to be the norm – now it’s becoming increasingly uncommon. In fact, millennials are increasingly referred to as Generation Rent, and a... Read More

9 things to consider when buying a used car through a personal loan

When buying a used car, there are lots of factors to consider – even more so if you are taking out a loan to pay for the vehicle. As with most big purchases, it pays to do your research and take you... Read More

5 of the best cheap clubbing holidays

Cheap clubbing holidays are always either the holy grail or the worst holiday you’ve ever been on – there’s not really any middle ground. That’s why we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to ... Read More

Free money management apps to help you save money

Money management apps are a great way not only to check your balance or see how much you’ve spent, but to see how much you’re spending, what you’re spending it on and whether there any areas you... Read More