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How to become debt free – The Bamboo guide

It is important to know how to become debt free. As of July 2017, the personal debts of everybody across the UK added up to a staggering £1,537,000,000,000. (That’s £1.537 trillion. Ouch.) Over ... Read More

How can I apply online for a loan when I have bad credit?

For many people, having a bad credit rating is something that scares them – they think that it stops them from borrowing money at all whether they go to the bank or apply online for a loan. And, yea... Read More

Student payday loans – Why do students rely on them?

Student payday loans – Why do students rely on overdrafts and payday loans? Ask any student on any campus across the UK and they’ll tell you that their least favourite part of term is that cou... Read More

Ask Bamboo: I’m worried about my CCJ. Is CCJ removal possible?

If you’ve ever had a CCJ – or, to give it its proper name, a County Court Judgment – then you’ll be aware that they stay on your credit file for 6 years. 6 years with a CCJ on your credit file... Read More

The Bamboo Guide: how to spot (and avoid) loan scams

Unfortunately, there are several individuals (and organisations) that are incredibly good at taking advantage of people and taking their money. Fraudsters, scammers and con artists have perfected thei... Read More

5 quick ways to clean up your finances in less than ten minutes

Doing the finances can be a little intimidating. And, we’ll admit it, sitting up with a calculator and a big stack of bills isn’t the most appealing of tasks. But it pays to clean up your finances... Read More

A loan with bad credit and no guarantor, what are the options?

A loan with bad credit and no guarantor sometimes feels like a impossible mission to accomplish. If you’ve got bad credit, it can often feel like you’re not left with many options when you need to... Read More

I’ve got a destroyed credit rating, what can I do?

Having a destroyed credit rating can be an incredibly stressful, upsetting and worrying – poor credit scores can affect everything from getting phone contracts or renting a flat to whether you can b... Read More

Our top destinations for late summer sun

If the rest of the summer continues as it has, then we won’t blame you for wanting to pack your bags and head off in search of some late summer sun. Is there anything better than spending a week sun... Read More

Savings Calculator – How much do I need to save?

Have you ever used a savings calculator? Saving money every month is a great habit to get into. Even if you only tuck away a bit of money every pay day, you build up a bit of a safety net if anything ... Read More