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7 easy steps to simple, stress-free money management

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How to book cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve

When it comes to finding cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve, there’s no easy solution or shortcut to glory. In fact, finding a cheap holiday destination for New Year’s Eve is dog-eat-... Read More

How to find the best personal loan without damaging your credit rating

There’s a piece of advice that you’re sure to read on almost any financial blog: if you’re applying for credit cards, loans or other forms of credit, don’t apply to lots in a short space of ti... Read More

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10 easy ways to save money this Christmas without losing the Christmas spirit

Last year, it’s estimated that the UK spent £21 billion on Christmas, on everything from presents and food to pantos and parties. Divided up, that’s over £750 per household, which isn’t far o... Read More

Ask Bamboo: How to stick to your budget for winter?

Let’s face it: winter isn’t cheap. On top of Christmas, New Year and the ever-so-tempting Boxing Day sales, you’ve got the extra heating and extra electricity to consider. And the chance that y... Read More