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A Guide to guarantor loans: Everything you need to know

Guarantor loans are a great way to increase your chances of being approved for a loan if you’ve got a poor credit score or no credit score at all. When you’ve got a poor credit score, it’s easy ... Read More

What is involved in being a guarantor for a loan?

If you are eligible to act as a guarantor on a loan, you could not only help out a friend or family to obtain the money that they need, but also you could help them rebuild their credit score. Before ... Read More

Bamboo’s Top Tips: How to dramatically cut expenses

There comes a time in everybody’s life when things just get on top of them – bills, rent, school uniform, food shopping, credit card repayments, petrol, insurance, pet food – and they get stuck ... Read More

Student living costs: what parents and students need to know

As you start university, student living costs can come as a bit of a shock. Gone are the days of full fridges, stocked cupboards and never having to worry about the bills. Your student living costs m... Read More

Financial impact of divorce or dissolution

Sometimes, sadly, relationships come to an end and some people may need to find ways to mitigate the financial impact of divorce or dissolution. Even in the best of circumstances, break ups are incre... Read More

Bamboo’s guide to cosmetic surgery loans

We have created a handy guide to cosmetic surgery loans so you can learn more about the options you have to fund cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Here at Bamboo, we don’t wa... Read More

Ways to add value to your home and modernise it with new features

Are you looking for ways to add value to your home, but expensive renovations on your home seem more like a luxury than a necessity? The worry about modernising a property to increase its sale value ... Read More

Best commuter bikes for under £10,000

We’ve compiled some of the best commuter bikes for 2016, just in case the thought of throwing on some leathers and biking to work on two wheels excites you as much as it does us. Because, come on... Read More

The Bamboo guide to finding a guarantor

When applying for a guarantor loan, finding a guarantor can be tough – after all, it is quite a big responsibility for somebody to undertake on your behalf, and some people would rather not risk it.... Read More

Creative ways to make money on the side

Need a little bit of extra cash, but not sure how to get it? Why not try one of our creative ways to make money on the side? Do things get a little tight around the end of the month? Do you want to b... Read More