5 of the best cheap clubbing holidays

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Cheap clubbing holidays are always either the holy grail or the worst holiday you’ve ever been on – there’s not really any middle ground. That’s why we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff to suggest the 5 best clubbing destinations for 24-hour party people on a budget.

Top cheap clubbing holidays

Cheap clubbing holiday #1: Ibiza

We couldn’t really start with anywhere but Ibiza, could we? For decades, Ibiza has been synonymous with clubbing culture and people have poured there in their droves every summer since. However, because of its reputation (and its incredible beaches) it can also come with a pretty hefty price tag. A single and mixer in most of the Sunset Strip bars can set you back upwards of €15 (probably closer to €20…).

However, if you’re clever about it, Ibiza needn’t break the bank. We could definitely include Ibiza into cheap clubbing holidays category. Forward planning and thinking ahead can save you an incredible amount of money. Simple things like shopping around for accommodation and booking your flights and your entry to clubs early can have a massive difference on the cost of the holiday.

But, don’t be afraid to splurge a little too. There are several boat parties which have fairly steep ticket prices (€60-70) but include a day on the boat, free drinks and entry into a top club, and end up being a bit of a steal.

Perfect for: Clubbers who want to experience white-sand beaches and sun during the day and world-famous clubs and DJs at night.

Price: £££ (but much cheaper if you follow our handy guide to keeping costs down while abroad)

Cheap clubbing holiday #2: Magaluf

Almost as famous as Ibiza when it comes to cheap clubbing holidays – but for very different reasons – Magaluf has become the number one destination for people looking to party on the cheap. Although Spanish authorities have put measures in place to cut down on the debauchery and drunken antics, you’ll still find more opportunities than you can shake a stick at to let your hair down and cut loose with cheap bar crawls, cheap alcohol and cheap accommodation.

A little word of warning: with Magaluf, what you see is very much what you get. There’s lots and lots of drunk Brits everywhere during peak periods and – despite the Spanish authorities – there’s still lots of drunken antics, from jumping into pools from balconies to streaking along the strip. That being said, if you’re looking for a cheap clubbing destination and aren’t too fussy, Magaluf can save you an absolute fortune compared to almost everywhere else in Europe.

Perfect for: People who want a cheap and cheerful clubbing holiday – with cheap booze and cheap entry prices.

Price: £

Cheap clubbing holiday #3: Zante

Like the sound of Magaluf but are looking for something a bit less-Freshers Week-y and also you want to be part of your cheap clubbing holidays checklist? Laganas in Zante is perfect. There’s still a heavy emphasis on nightlife, drinking and partying all the way through until the next day, but with a little less debauchery.

During the day, you’ll usually find lots of people lining the beaches and nursing hangovers, but the place really comes alive at night. If you’re staying above one of the bars, or in a nearby hotel, don’t expect to get any sleep at all – things get very loud! (If you’re after a bit of sleep, but still want to enjoy the clubbing scene, there are lots of affordable villas and apartments a mile or two outside of town.)

Perfect for: People who want a clubbing holiday that won’t break the bank, but doesn’t require stepping over hundreds of drunk Brits every night.

Price: ££

Cheap clubbing holiday #4: Krakow

Looking for a clubbing holiday off of the beaten track? Krakow is the one for you. Quickly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s hidden gems, Krakow’s nightlife is a little more varied than the clubbing hotspots. There are still plenty of places that play dance music until the early hours, but unlike the party islands, Krakow has an astonishing amount of variety. One night you can visit a club playing techno until the early hours, the next night you could wander from a cellar bar to a hidden concert in the Old Town.

Just because there’s a lot of variety, that doesn’t mean Krakow is any less up for a good time. You can easily find yourself out until 8 or 9am and still desperate to stay out longer.

Perfect for: People looking for a varied nightlife, with less of a focus on dance music, but a strong focus on having a good time

Price: £

Cheap clubbing holiday #5: Barcelona

For those looking for culture during the day, great food, incredible sights and an incredible nightlife, there’s no better choice than Barcelona. Wander the Catalan streets by day, check out the architecture of Gaudi, indulge in some paella and see the incredibly Sagrada Familia.

Then, as the evening sets in, head over to Las Ramblas for tapas and some cocktails before heading over to the Gothic Quarter and onto the clubs.

In terms of culture and nightlife, you’re incredibly spoilt for choice in Barcelona. But, at the same time, it never feels like a party destination (well, until the evening that is!).

Oh! If you need any convincing – have you ever been walking or from the venue and wanted another drink? In Barcelona, they have vendors selling ice cold beers on the street for €1!

Perfect for: People looking for a great nightlife but with lots of great culture, food and things to do during the non-inebriated hours.

Price: £

Whether you’re looking for a week of pure hedonism or a holiday with a few big nights out, we’ve got you covered here. If you’re thinking of something a little less chaotic and lively, why not check out 5 European destinations that are perfect for quiet weekends?

And remember, if you’re struggling to afford a holiday, you can always check out our guide to funding your week away

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