Inside Bamboo Loans: a day in the life of Beth, Applications Team Leader

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Meet Beth, a charismatic and determined employee who provides guidance and leadership to the Applications Team at Bamboo.  Read what she had to say about herself on our ongoing “A day in the life” series that highlight popular Bamboo Loans job functions, as seen through the eyes of their employees.

A day in the life of Beth, Applications Team Leader: Tell us about yourself

Hi Beth, tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do?

I manage a team of 15 members of staff who help customers to complete their applications either online or over the telephone. When I first started at Bamboo over 2 years ago, I was part of the applications team (the team I now manage), after several months of hard work, I was promoted to the customer services team which is now managed by Hannah Ives and was promoted in January 2016 to Applications Team Leader. Thanks to this, I have a great understanding of what the guys do each day and their roles which benefits both me and them!


So why did you decide to work for Bamboo, and what are your working hours?

I loved the idea of being part of a new company which I could help to develop and grow! I agree with Bamboo’s values and felt it was a place where I could thrive and really make a difference! My working hours vary from 8am – 8pm dependent on where in the business my focus is required.


What was your background before you joined Bamboo?

I previously worked for one of the largest UK banks in both the call centre and also in the branch. This was another reason I decided to work for Bamboo as I really enjoyed understanding the nitty gritty of banking so felt a move to a company that focuses on loans would help me to empower and help the customers that I couldn’t assist at the bank.


What are you currently working on? 

I have just finished a project with a few colleagues reviewing the current mobile messaging strategy for helping customers to complete their applications so I am now looking at the email strategy. I really love delving into the basics, stripping current procedures back and starting from scratch as you can get imaginative and come up with some really great ideas! As we are growing at a rapid pace, with business booming and new teams being developed, we have also started hiring again so my days are filled up with CV’s and interviews – recruiting for Bamboo is something I really love as it’s great to see the different personalities that work within the financial sector!


What is your favourite part about working with Bamboo?

Definitely my team! They make me laugh every day and work together really well to achieve the best results! I also really enjoy the open-mind that Bamboo approaches everything with, nothing is impossible! We also have a ‘Bamboo gym club’ where a group of us go to the gym everyday together to do a class – this is great fun and allows you to relax from work for an hour as well as get to know colleagues in other departments!


Any favourite projects you’ve worked on?

New starter training packs! A lot of new employees come into my team initially and some are then cross-trained to support/move to other departments. I spent a few weeks with my right hand woman Sazz (senior applications team member) to create a week long process of training for new starters. It includes knowledge packs, tests, presentations and lots of other exciting stuff – as always, this is an evolving project and one that will continue to grow as we do!


Outside of the office, how do you spend your free time?

With my best friend’s wedding on the horizon, fitness is a must for me at the moment so I’m trying to move from coach potato to gym bunny – I’m getting there slowly! I also love decorating and renovating (especially furniture), so my partner and I have just finished decorating our home and are due to start building our decking + beginning our garden project in the next few weeks!

What would you say to people about Bamboo?

We love to make a difference, try new things and put YOU first, whether that be as a customer or as an employee. Our fantastic customer Trust Pilot reviews speak volumes and our low staff turnover tells you all you need to know about how great it is to be part of Bamboo!


What are your top tips for being successful in the working environment?

Be happy in what you are doing – success doesn’t come from misery! Be realistic in what you want to achieve, you don’t have to beat every other person in your life – you just need to do better than you did last time. If you have a new idea, run with it! Great ideas grow from the smallest ones and if it doesn’t work, you try again!


A day in the life of Beth: Tell us your daily routine


What does the typical day look like for you?

After driving the 40 minutes into work, I normally arrive around 7:30am and for the first hour, I review results and statistics from the previous day, feedback any requirements to my team and then publish the results for the team/company to see.

I try to have a structured schedule every day however with 15 member of staff, it’s easy to be distracted with things unexpectedly. Each day, I focus on answering any questions my team has, providing them with regular result updates, sitting with them to improve training, ensuring we are efficiently completing our workload, reviewing CV’s and interviewing, listening to call audits and continuing any ongoing projects. I normally head to the gym with the rest of the Bamboo gym club between 1pm-2pm to try out the latest spin or circuits class.

I tend to have a lot of energy after the gym so try to get as many things completed in the afternoon as possible which can include meetings with other departments, trialing new ideas within my team and encouraging results using small incentives and targets.

Usually, I arrive home around 6pm to feed my three cats (yes, I’m a crazy cat lady!) and try to finish any housework. After eating, I relax for a couple of hours or we go to our Admin Assistant Deb’s house to unwind in her hot tub! I tend to head to bed pretty early aiming for 9:30-10pm as I need a good few hours’ sleep to prepare for the next day!

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