Black Friday approaches – be prepared to grab the best deals

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It’s that time of year again – the run up to Black Friday and the mad rush to grab yourself an unbelievable bargain on technology, Christmas presents and mobile phones.

Let’s jump back a step for a quick second though, to get those who don’t know what Black Friday is up to date:

Black Friday is an American tradition that has made its way across the pond that involves, on the first Friday after Thanksgiving (this year, it’s November 25), a huge sale on electrical products. And we’re not just talking 10% or 20% discounts on the products, 50% or 60% discounts are the norm.

In fact, last year’s discounts were so appealing to UK customers that – on just Black Friday alone – they spent a combined £1.1 billion. Let that sink in – £1,100,000,000 in one day. That’s almost £13,000 every single second.

So, whether you’re new to Black Friday or a seasoned, weather-worn, bargain-hunting veteran, we thought we’d give you a few tips to stay ahead of the competition and grab yourself a deal this November 25.

Bamboo’s Black Friday tips:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

It’s easy to get caught up in the panic and excitement of Black Friday – ‘oh wow, look how cheap this is! I can’t believe it, they’re normally £300. Do we need one? At this price, it’s almost silly not to!’ – but the best way to save money on Black Friday is often not to spend it. Before the big day arrives, make a list of all the things that you’re looking for and the things you’d consider for the right price. Unless it’s something you can’t live without, then it might be best to move on.

2. Be quick

On Black Friday, deals get snapped up in the blink of an eye – you can’t afford the luxury of thinking a decision through. The very nature of Black Friday means you have to be impulsive – but that can also mean that you can end up with a few questionable purchases. Once you’ve made your list of items you want, as soon as you see a great deal, snap it up. (But don’t be tempted to stray from the list, unless you’re feeling particularly flush!)

3. Get ahead of the curve

Some sites offer deals in the week leading up to Black Friday – sometimes to everyone, sometimes to special customers. Keep your eyes peeled for any early deals that might crop up, and get ready to pounce.

4. Budget

As you can probably imagine, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on Black Friday. When you’re faced with more crazy discounts than you can possibly imagine, it’s easy to feel like a child in a sweet shop – you just want to buy everything. However, if you’ve laid out a budget on how much you want to spend, then you’re less likely to splurge. This is great advice for the whole year, but is especially important with Christmas just around the corner. By all means grab all of the bargains you want, but make sure that you can afford it and that you’ll have enough left for the Christmas period.

5. Save even more

Even though they’ve already applied massive discounts, some stores allow you to use coupons and money off vouchers on top of that. Check out HotUKDeals all day to see the best deals, and whether you can use coupons to make them even better.

6. The early bird catches the worm

The main rush on Black Friday is between 9am-11am and after that, a lot of the good deals are gone or have very limited stock. Why not get ahead of the crowd and check out Black Friday after midnight on Thursday or on Friday over breakfast? You’re far more likely to grab yourself a bargain, and won’t have that horrible disappointment of finding out the item you wanted has gone out of stock before you’ve had a chance to pay.

7. Sign up ahead of Black Friday

Another tip to avoid missing out on products and save time: sign up to the websites you’ll think you’ll use before Black Friday. That way, rather than registering before you pay and risking missing out, you’ll have a quick, easy way to grab those bargains in a hurry.

If you’re thinking of using Black Friday to save a pretty penny on your Christmas presents, why not also take a look at our advice on cutting the costs of getting Christmas presents


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