Cheap christmas party – How to keep it affordable and happy

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Cheap christmas party – How to keep it affordable and happy seem to be almost impossible to achieve. The inevitable parties around Christmas are one of the best times to get away from it all, but everything comes at a price – especially when you’re the one hosting. While people will undoubtedly bring their own drinks, snacks and even a present for you as the host, you can’t scrimp too much – the last thing you want is for people to characterise you as the Grinch for years to come.

Nonetheless, when planning your party, you can most certainly cut back on certain things without anyone realising – if anything, you’ll be able to put money spent elsewhere into something that really adds that extra sparkle to the event! Here are a few top tips to see you through when putting your plan into place.

For a cheap christmas party head to the pound shop for essentials.

While the likes of Poundland and The 99p Store may not have the most impressive stock throughout the store, they definitely stock a number of basic party essentials where quality isn’t necessarily required. Think paper plates, plastic cutlery, serving trays, serviettes and plastic glasses. What’s more, these assets save the more valuable crockery and glassware that could take a tumble once a few mulled wines have been drunk!

As always, value supermarkets reign supreme. We’re now living in an age where there’s no stigma for shopping at the likes of Aldi and Lidl, and for good reason – their products may lack the branding, but not the taste. Get yourself stocked up on crisps, snacks, wine, the lot; even the more discerning of your friends won’t know the difference when they’re served up in a bowl or glass.

Do a late-night shop the day before. Supermarkets will overstock during Christmas, but after around 8pm, the fresh food that hasn’t sold will need clearing out. Remember: the best before/use by dates in shops are famously misleading, so clear out the reduced section with anything you want to add to the food list.

Don’t bother with Christmas decorations, past what you already have. Christmas décor – table runners, plates, etc – aren’t cheap. If anything, they make the alternative neutral decorations cheaper. What’s more, if they’re good quality, you can reuse the latter. Ask your friends to dress festively instead!

Whatever you don’t have, ask to borrow to achieve a cheap christmas party.

If you’re short on chairs, ask a couple of friends to bring some camping seats along. If you need a pop-up table, don’t rush out to buy one. What’s the point in getting something specifically for a party if you won’t use it again for another year.

You would have never thought about this for a cheap christmas party – Cut down on the heating.

As soon as those bodies pile into your home, they’ll generate enough warmth for you to save a few quid on your electric or gas bill!