How to book cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve

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When it comes to finding cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve, there’s no easy solution or shortcut to glory. In fact, finding a cheap holiday destination for New Year’s Eve is dog-eat-dog. Deals are put online and gone within seconds. By the time you’ve found a bargain, called your friends to see if they’re interested and logged into the website, it’s not uncommon to find the offer gone in a puff of smoke.

That’s why, as much as we’d like to give you a list of red hot deals for a New Year’s Eve to remember, we can’t –by the time we finished writing the article, they’d be gone. However, we can do the next best thing; we can train you in the sacred art of bargain hunting, so that when you set out to make your NYE plans, you’ll be ready to snap up those once-in-a-lifetime deals.

Let’s get started.


Our top tips on how to book cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve


If you want to get really pumped for this bargain training, we’d recommend putting the Rocky soundtrack on in the background.


Tip #1: Think outside the box for cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve

London, New York, Edinburgh. They’re all world-famous destinations for a New Year’s Eve break – and for good reason – but they have a price tag to match. If you want to find cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve, you’ll need to look outside of the obvious. Places in Europe are a good shout, especially those served by budget airlines.

Your choices are almost endless – from Czech Republic to Germany – but we’ve singled out two that deserve special attention.


Budapest, Hungary

For starters, Budapest is an incredible city. There’s architecture, sights, incredible food, unique bars and a tonne of things to do. It’s also incredibly cheap. If you hunt around, you can book return flights for around £70, beer and wine costs less than £2 a glass and you rent an entire apartment near the centre of town (everywhere in Budapest is within walking distance) for around £30 a night.
This AirBnB property might be basic, but is an absolute steal. For swankier apartments that sleep 2 people, you’re still only looking at £80 a night!
You’ll struggle to find a better destination for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Well, unless you go to Kraków.


Kraków, Poland

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Kraków is the king of all cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve. It’s got huge celebrations, fireworks, enormous crowds, parties all over town and restaurants serving incredible meals. For more info on NYE in Poland, here’s a great post. Ignore the fact the website looks like it was made in 1995.

Another great thing about NYE in Kraków? It’s cheap. Really, really cheap.

This entire apartment costs £40 a night for two people – that’s just £20 per person, per night. You can’t even go for dinner for that in the UK. And flights to Kraków from London – even in late December – can be found for around £30. Not to mention the fact that you can eat at some of Kraków’s fanciest restaurants for 15 Euros a meal. What are you waiting for? Book now!


Tip #2: Go away as a large group

Often, you can secure discounts on deals if you book in bulk. Going away as a group of 10 or more could save you all a pretty penny on your NYE getaway. Alternatively, why not plan to stay in the UK, rent a huge, swanky castle and throw a house party to trump all house parties?

There are tonnes of castles, mansions and villas to rent on AirBnB – most of which have an insane amount of bedrooms – so why not round up your friends, head to a remote castle and see the New Year in like royalty?


Tip #3: Hold your nerve 

If you can wait until the very last second – say, two days before NYE – then you might be able to snap yourself the bargain of the century. Sure, you won’t have very much say about where you go or where you stay, but isn’t that just a little bit exciting? For a fraction of the price, you could be taken anywhere in the world to celebrate the New Year – from Paris to New York.

You just need to have your passport ready, your bag packed, and your schedule cleared – then get on holidays sites (like and look for a deal that suits you. Of course, there’s also a chance that you won’t find anything at all, but fortune favours the bold, so go out and grab those last-minute bargains.

And there you have it, tips and tricks to book cheap holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve.

Have you got a tip to grab those New Year’s Eve bargains? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to read the Holiday section of our blog for other money-saving travelling tips.



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