Children’s bedroom ideas for small spaces

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If you need to modernise your small child’s room, you can become a professional decorator by following these simple children’s bedroom Ideas that help you to have more space for storage, sleeping, and playing.

A child’s room is more than just a place to sleep. Indeed, it is a place where creativity and imagination develop and come alive. While your child will change his or her style, as they grow older, it is not necessary to renovate at the same rate.

Children’s bedroom Ideas: get started

Consider every inch of space and how to use it to create a special bedroom theme without a big price tag.

First, start by creating a ”treasure chest” for your child’s toys and games. This will create a proper storage unit for when these items are not played with. Also, this will be a fun piece of furniture for your child to admire.

There are some examples of such units at house to homes website, which has descriptive photos of rooms to garner ideas for that finished look.

After clearing the clutter, why not treat your child’s room to a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps purple for a young girl who loves playing dress up, or fire engine red for that aspiring cowboy.

Furthermore, you can even combine two colours to compliment the décor and style of your child. To enhance the walls with a more modern twist, you can use stencils to fashion flowers or stars above the bed. There are endless possibilities to what you can create with a little time and imagination. Paint with your child so they can enjoy and take part in this experience.

Is it time to change the bed and mattress?

Depending on your child’s age, it may be time to purchase a new bed and mattress. Choose from bunk beds, cabin beds, loft beds and high sleeper beds to maximise space in your child’s bedroom.

Once you choose the perfect bed, select the perfect bedding that can complete the look. Boys can race off in the Grand Prix Car bed while young girls can dream in a bed fit for a princess.

There are hundreds of options available, like characters from your child’s favourite show or a dainty set with butterflies. Make sure that your choice match your newly painted walls.

With such a wide range of options, the hardest part will be choosing just one! Follow these tips and you will create a special bedroom theme without a big price tag.

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