Christmas décor on a budget

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There’s nothing like getting your house prepared for Christmas, but it can be a real pain to get the things you need without breaking the bank, however big your home is. Surely there are a few ways you can get your house looking festive for less? Of course – and we’re here to show you how with top tips.

Make a wreath from pre-made parcel bows

We love this idea from Design Improvised, where a trip to a pound shop to get some present bows offers the perfect opportunity to make a wreath that would cost £15+ for a “real” equivalent, such as holly or festive branches. What’s more, it takes less than half an hour to make – perfect.

Make a vase out of candy canes

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas, but they’re also incredibly cheap. If you want a nice centrepiece for a few festive flowers, why not wrap a bunch (facing out) around a tin can? It’s sure to delight at an incredibly low price.

Chalk up your baubles

Blackboard paint may not be the cheapest, but only a little pot is needed to paint a few baubles that you, your family and friends can write messages on – the perfect way to personalise the tree, especially if you get some colourful chalk to create some bright designs!

Turn your cushions into presents

You’re bound to have two or three cushions knocking about around the house – so why not put ribbon across them, with a bow in the middle, to make them look good enough to put under the tree?

Paint old lightbulbs – no, really

Turn a standard screw-fit bulb upside down, so the large round end is pointing down. You can paint it black and white to create these pretty incredible-looking penguins – again, it’s a great thing for the entire family to get involved with.

Pine cone mini Christmas trees

Pine cones are very easy to find – check your local park at the very least – but with a lick of paint and the odd added extra (either a mini terracotta pot you can probably find in Poundland or similar, or a homemade alternative), you can make your very own miniature Christmas tree! They also offer themselves up as a great present idea, if you’re feeling particularly crafty.