Cutting down on Christmas present costs: Six top tips to get you started

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Christmas present costs can quickly hike up. A recent survey by Morrisons discovered that people spend over £150 more, on average, in December solely because of Christmas. This may not surprise many, who themselves may spend more on the presents that close out the year – but where do you start to try and save cash when you get to the festive rush?

After racking our brains here at Bamboo, we’ve put together a list of six of our favourite top tips that could see you really start to build a perfect Christmas present list for a lot less money.

Lower your Christmas presents costs: Scour the deals sites

We’re massive fans of a few websites, none more so than It’s particularly brilliant at specific areas where deals are varied, such as video games and electronics. Sure, you may need to keep checking back pretty regularly, but sites like this one could save you a packet.

Lower your Christmas present costs: Get creative

There are all kinds of ways to impress people with arts and crafts, making something thoroughly personal. Why not make your family or friends out of Lego mini figures, then put them in a box frame? How about getting some cork and nails and doing some string art? Maybe hand-paint some Primark trainers with a personal design?

Lower your Christmas present costs: Get digital

Physical copies of media – DVDs, Blu-rays, games, books and so on – can be much more expensive than their digital counterparts. If you’re looking for a PC game, check the likes of Steam and queue up a gift. If you’re thinking of a book, does your present receiver own a tablet or a Kindle where they can read it? Do they have a Smart TV you can download TV series to? All of these come a bit cheaper for obvious reasons (not least postage), so keep it in mind.

Seeing people after Christmas? Wait for new deals

Sure, you may want to get all your Christmas shopping done in good time, but how many of the people on your list are you seeing after Christmas, or even in the New Year? Consider waiting for sales, especially on Boxing Day or even a couple of days before Christmas itself, after the cut-off for postage before the big day.

Lower your Christmas present costs: Avoid the credit card

It’s an obvious point and often goes without saying, but don’t put things on a credit card unless you strictly have to. There are a lot of problems for most people, financially speaking, after the New Year – don’t let a debt grow for a couple of months, and spend within your means.