Home Remodelling: clever ways to breathe life into a tired living space

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When at home and thinking about home remodelling, a lot of people look at their surroundings and feel uninspired, bored or actually annoyed at how drab their place can be. Yet it shouldn’t be something that incenses anyone so far as to consider a wholesale move; with a little bit of money, a lot of time and an incredible amount of creativity, you can make some fantastic changes to your home that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Here are six of our favourite ideas for home remodelling that could seriously convert you to a summer of DIY…

Home Remodelling: Maximise your under-stairs space

For many people, the cupboard under the stairs is where things without a home go to hide. Walking boots, tents, vacuum cleaners and unhanged pictures all find their way into this space, but have you considered using it for even better things? Check out this Pinterest collection for ways to maximise the storage potential. Who knows – you could have a bookcase, reading nook or even a wine rack in no time!

Home Remodelling: Magnetise those walls…

Sounds crazy at first, but have you considered magnetising your walls? You can do it on a smaller scale yourself, but there are some dedicated companies out there that create walls that can hang up to 200lbs – your TV, shelving, anything you want!

…or transform them into whiteboards

A less wacky idea for your walls only requires a special kind of paint. As a space-saving option made popular my creative agencies, you can get a gloss-finish paint that wipes clean if you draw on them with standard whiteboard markers. You can use it for making lists, or unleash your inner artist and use it as a temporary drawing space! Alternatively, you can get blackboard paint – it really depends on your colour preference.

Home Remodelling: Do something with your unused high ceilings

It’s another big project, but one that also offers huge gains. This walkthrough shows how a townhouse’s empty vertical space was utterly transformed into a play area for kids. Imagine the value you can add to your home by something as simple as this!

Accordion windows to bring the outside in

If you’ve got plenty of glass in your home, you get a whole lot of sunlight – though you don’t get the true feeling of being “at one” with the great outdoors. Why not replace the panels entirely with accordion windows and bring the outside in? It could be perfect for front rooms, back rooms and kitchens.

Convert a door to give the impression of a hidden room

Best to go out on a high, but have you seen this? It only takes a few shelves to get a similar effect in your home – and new visitors will be blown away by your ingenuity.

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