Crafty upcycling ideas for your home

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Are you looking for crafty upcycling ideas for your home and would like to turn your unwanted items into gorgeous DIY projects? Have a look at the following ideas that won’t bust the budget.

Upcycling is the trend that just keeps on giving. With a bit of imagination, a good eye, and a bit of elbow grease, you can take the oldest, most uninspiring bits of old junk and create yourself a real gem, that hasn’t broken the bank and is a complete one of a kind to boot!

And, while it may not quite be your whole kitchen, bathroom, or wet room refurb nailed, a few smart storage ideas or beautiful accessories can make the world of difference in sprucing up your dated décor.

Don’t forget that, because you will design it all yourself, these little bits and pieces can be as multifunctional as you want them to be.

Simple crafty upcycling ideas for organising: jars



These jars are a great storage idea, and the way that they all match gives a more expensive, boutique hotel type feel to them.

You can create these jars by starting with some very plain jars. You can pick up matching ones like these very reasonably on eBay. To decorate the lids you’ll need to find some small curtain finials, these should be available from any hardware shop.

Finally, once the finials have been attached, paint the lids and attached finials with whatever colour you like. Voila!

Creative crafty upcycling ideas for your kitchen: handles



If you have a DIY project in mind to spruce up your kitchen, you may know that handles and accessories can stack up and make your project nearly as expensive as buying new.

However, there are a few cheats that mean that you don’t have to break the bank after all. Here is an image of some old mismatched cutlery that you can pick up at most junk shops. You can cleverly transfer these ones into drawer and cupboard handles, by simply bending them slightly and drilling a hole in both ends in order to fix them on. There you go, easy and original!

Simple crafty upcycling ideas for home décor: furniture 



Another good way to update your décor is by taking bits and pieces of furniture that most households already have, and sprucing them up with the very on trend retro brights that are all over at the moment. If you can’t find any gems at home, don’t give up, you can pick up a simple chair like this one on sites such as Gumtree or down at your local car boot sale, and make it over as you fancy.



What do you think of the simplicity behind this amazing mirror? This is just an old door panel, sanded and distressed and a standard cheap as chips plain mirror fixed onto it. And there you go, an extravagant vintage floor length mirror. Genius.



Our final favourite is great for tackling any storage issues on a budget. You don’t have to shell out for an expensive shelving unit or bookcase. This is just an old pair of wooden step ladders, with some painted wood boards for shelves. This is a really interesting and different way to store your things.

Happy upcycling!


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