Eco-friendly measures at home to save you money

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With the world more switched on than ever to the idea of saving money – the prolonged recession continues to have its after-effects even now, over six years on – the focus on keeping more pounds in our pockets has also taken on a renewed environmental focus.

As such, we’re going to take a look at the immediate small changes you can make to your home that not only keep you quids in, but also help you improve your green footprint on the world.

Given we’re just about to get ourselves back into winter, the first thing we recommend is for you to draught-proof your windows and doors. If you think there’s a draught, hold a tea light or match to the offending opening to see if it flickers. For all of these instances, simply invest in self-adhesive strips from home improvement shops, or for doors you can fill long, colourful socks with unneeded fabrics, with stones for weight.

Secondly, you can save a lot of electricity if you decide to opt for a clothes airer, avoiding the tumble drier. While the latter is definitely effective – and often required for bigger loads, or if you have a smaller living space – they can use huge amounts of power and can often affect the condition of your clothes, damaging fibres. If you’re particularly DIY-savvy, fit a drying rack on your ceiling to get the most out of the warmest part of the room.

Considering a clean-up of your home? Consider instead the possibility of homemade alternatives to often-costly cleaning products. Vinegar is famously brilliant at cleaning and disinfecting glass, while bicarbonate of soda can usually be added for tougher stains. Take a look at this guide for more infobut remember that it’s not perfect for everything.

If you’re a big fan of having a shower – or use taps a lot – why not fit aerators to them? These gadgets mix water with air to cut down on the amount of water used without compromising the quality of flow. The same goes for shower heads – it may be a small price to pay to start with, but the savings are pretty immediate.

One last thing – if you need to buy white goods, keep an eye out for the Energy Saving Trust’s logo. Its “Recommended” status is reserved for appliances that are given an A+ or A++ rating. The EST also operates an online database of models that will save on power and the environment.