Engagement rings… can they be done cheaply?

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Engagement rings… can they be done cheaply? Getting married is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive things someone can go through – even on a budget. Yet ahead of all that, men traditionally need to seek out an engagement ring for their other half. Is it possible to satisfy one’s partner with a ring that doesn’t have a diamond?

Here are four top tips for you to have a think about – you never know, they may be just what you need to kick-start the next big step of your life, without costing you a small fortune!

Engagement rings why not think about gemstones with a purpose

It’s all about thinking a little about the person you’re buying an engagement ring for. If they have a preferred gemstone, perfect – your mind can be made up pretty quickly. However, gemstones also have a purpose, especially in two specific ways. The first is by month; you can check this chart and think about which is best. Perhaps you want to give it based on their birth month, or on the day you propose. Both have extra meaning.

Alternatively, some stones reflect personality traits or feelings. There’s a pretty exhaustive list here, but don’t be afraid to talk to the professionals about it. You can find something with a much deeper meaning this way.

Manmade diamonds for engagement rings are incredibly attractive

A lot of people love diamonds, but obviously, the price tag associated with them can be mind-boggling. Consider manmade diamonds instead; not only can you get a “perfect” synthetic diamond pretty easily, but it comes at half the price. Companies such as Nightingale in York specialise in “lab-cultured diamonds”, and you’re bound to find others dotted around the country.

Do you have a family engagement rings heirloom?

While this may sound cheeky, it may actually work out very well for everyone concerned. Families have jewellery heirlooms that aren’t worn, but have a lot of meaning. Speaking to a mother or grandmother may uncover something they not only don’t wear, but are actually happy to pass down for the occasion. Sometimes, the value won’t be anything other than personal, but that only adds to the importance of the occasion. What’s more, you may be treated to a classic style that you simply don’t get in jewellery shops today.

Keep the engagement ring design simple – or at least simply clever

Why not go for a simple design without a stone, such as a knotted ring to show your bond, or a bespoke pair of rings that can interlock that you can both wear to show your commitment? Handmade jewellery really isn’t as expensive as you may think. Just remember: cost really isn’t everything, and prior thought can go an incredibly long way!