Customer Reviews – Words, thoughts and feelings customers use to define their experience

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Customer reviews offer customers a quick and easy reference to a company’s reliability and give them confidence to engage with organisations. People trust online reviews as closely as personal recommendations.

According to the UKCSI survey, the words customers most frequently used to describe their experience with the top 50 organisations cover a mix of qualities including: transactional efficiency and speed; value, quality and reliability; professional and friendly employees; and a sense of how the experience felt – “happy” or “fun.”

For the top 50 organisations, “quality”, “cheap” and above all “easy” were cited much more often than for other organisations. This serves as a reminder that customers’ priorities embrace a range of attributes – some of which are more important for some customers than others – and underlines the growing significance of making experiences easier and simpler for customers.

Excellent customer satisfaction builds trust

The Institute said that excellent customer service was now demanded by consumers across all sectors:

“96% of customers who gave a nine out of ten for customer satisfaction also gave the highest ratings for trust, compared to 48% of those who scored an eight out of ten for customer satisfaction.”

Customer reviews go digital

Also, the study shows there has been a notable shift in the way customers interact with organisations in the past year.

The proportion of in person and over the phone interactions has fallen, although these still account for 62.6% of customer experiences. There has been a growth in interactions via website, webchat, apps, text but especially by email, which has increased from 4.9% to 9% of customer interactions.

 Bamboo customer reviews and the words they have chosen:


Bamboo customer reviews words


Here at Bamboo we continue to invite all our customers to leave feedback. We share all our reviews, positive and negative, daily with our customer service team to improve their service.

Negative reviews help us improve where we need improvement and positive reviews encourage and motivate our customer service to do what  they do best every day. Our reviews reveal which aspects of our business work well, and which could be improved.


            These are some of all our reviews. Visit our profile on Trustpilot to see all our customer reviews.



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