Finding the ideal winter coat

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The country-in-the-city look was a blockbuster hit last winter and this seems to still be the case this season. Meanwhile, duffle coats are also becoming increasingly popular and are now a key trend of autumn/winter 2015 for men. Whatever option you decide for you coat this winter, there is now a wide range online and stylish coats now come in a range of sizes.

A great money-saving tip is to invest in a good quality jacket. It is worth spending as much as you can afford on the jacket as the more expensive good quality ones will far outlive the cheaper, poorly made ones. Bear in mind that we live in the UK and it rarely lets us down for providing us with extremely cold and frequently inclement weather, so it’s important to choose a jacket that protects you from this. Go for materials such as leather, wool and down filled. These are affordable and some of the best fabrics for keeping the cold at bay. Other beneficial features of the jacket could be wool or fleece inner lining, or a hood.

Before buying, think carefully about where you will predominantly wear your jacket. Styles range from outdoor and sporting to office-appropriate designs. Go for a formal, tailored jacket if you intend to wear it on your way to the office. Alternatively, opt for a sporty, wind-proof jacket that will protect you from the elements if you need a jacket for outdoor activities. In terms of the fit, be sure to leave enough room inside to layer up if that’s what you want.