Getting a new phone contract? Some frugal tips to consider…

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At the turn of the year, many people decide that it’s best to make a few major changes to their lives. Given the meteoric rise of technology, it may surprise few that one of these huge life choices regards personal technology – not least, the mobile phone. Are you one of the many people thinking of a new handset or contract in the New Year? Well, here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow – and hopefully with a few more quid in your pocket!


Go back a generation or two

Everyone has the Apple iPhone 6 or 6S, we’re sure. But what differences make it completely worthwhile to you over, say, a 5, 5C or 5S? All of these phones are much cheaper – if not completely free – if you decide to go this route. Really study exactly what benefits there are for owning the newest model – do you really need three more megapixels on your camera, or fingerprint recognition to unlock your handset?


Go SIM-only

If you’ve already got a decent handset, or you’re not bothered about the quality of your phone – or indeed you’ve been given a hand-me-down from someone who’s just upgraded – then consider SIM-only deals instead. For example, at Three you may be expected to pay just short of £60 per month to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with unlimited data – but for just the SIM, it’s £18. Do you really need a phone that could cost you over £800 more in a two-year contract?


Introduce a friend

If you’re one of two or three people in your circle of friends or relatives who want a phone, chances are that companies will give you an impressive discount if you introduce them – and for both of you. Have a look at company materials online if you’re interested, or, if you’re feeling strong-willed, bring it up with them in-store when you’re wrangling a contract.


Cashback sites

One of the biggest draws for the likes of TopCashback and Quidco is the mobile phone contract. Check these sites out if you’re buying online, because all you may need to do is sign up for free, run through one of its affiliate links, and hey presto – you could find yourself instantly getting £40+ back from the initial deal!