Getting the designer look without the designer price tag

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Wouldn’t it be great to hire an interior designer to revamp a room in your home? And wouldn’t it be even better to get that designer look without having to reach so far into your pockets? If you can apply a little bit of creative thinking, you could transform any space in your house so effectively that your friends and family will be asking for the number of your designer, without ever realising that you did it all yourself!

A great place to find inspiration are the pages of your favourite home décor magazines and websites, where their designers have already done the hard work. Hopefully, this will inspire your makeover and offer you an endless supply of the kind of ideas, tips and tricks that will help you achieve the look and feel you’re after.

The basics are the same, whatever room you’re transforming. In fact, any room can be given a fresh look with just a new coat of paint and some complementary decorative accents such as a patterned wallpaper or contrasting colour on one wall, some stylish window treatments such as bold coloured curtains on designer curtain poles, modern blinds, or even something as simple as some wooden trim around window frames and other structural edges.

Removing clutter is a quick and easy way to update a room and bring the focus away from the mess and back on to the décor. Although a carefully considered selection of thrifty accessories and other decorative items like candles, mirrors, wall art, fabric and photographs can help to create a designer look and feel, a particular mood, or a whole new living environment without it being too hard on your wallet.