Go basic with the décor and save a bundle

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Time after time interiors articles advise that going neutral with décor will help you make your home more appealing to renters or buyers. Opting for neutral decoration may also save you cash on materials, but it’s not going to inject a whole lot of personality into your home. So, how can you have a foot in both camps? The secret is to start with a neutral base from which you can update the room regularly. Here’s a quick how-to for the main rooms in the house:

The kitchen

Paint walls in soft creams or beige and let your appliances do the talking. Choose colourful fridges, toasters and kettles and purchase coloured pans to hang from the ceiling.

The bathroom

Stick with plain tiles like these and like the kitchen introduce colour through accessories such as bath mats and towel rails. You might also want to try decorating tiles with removable stickers such as these so you can change the feel of the room regularly.

The living room

This is perhaps the hardest room to go basic with; people tend to spend a lot of time relaxing in their living rooms and as such, it can be hard to keep things entirely neutral. You could allow yourself an injection of print or colour through a feature wall or again, by choosing furniture with colour and character.