Guarantor loans instant payout and alternatives to payday loans

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As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’re not huge fans of payday loans. We think that they’re a dangerous and risky borrow strategy that can spiral into way more debt that you originally planned to take on. But people think they have one advantage over guarantor loans: instant payout.

Because some people don’t think that guarantor loans payout straight away, they head to payday loan companies when they need money in a hurry.

But payday loans aren’t your only option when you need an instant payout.

Our guarantor loans instant payout promise

When you apply and are accepted for one of our guarantor loans, the money should be in your account by the end of the day. (Well, most of the time – if you apply and your loan is approved by 3pm, it should be in your account that day. If you just miss the deadline, it’ll be in your account the next day. Maybe that’s not quite an instant payout, but it’s pretty close.)

If you head to Google and search for ‘guarantor loans instant payout’. Who is one of the first, non-paid search results?

We’ll save you the work – it’s us, Bamboo Loans. And we’re proud of that and of our dedication to our guarantor loans instant payout promise. Our customers have rated us Excellent on Trust Pilot, an independent customer satisfaction site, in no small part due to our guarantor loans instant payout.

You can see what people have to say about us on our Trust Pilot page, but here are a few highlights:

Fast and efficient.

‘I did not expect to have a decision made so quickly and the money in my account just about minutes after.’

Excellent customer service

‘Really needed a loan to consolidate my other debts & found the application process really easy. Once they were satisfied with all the required documents the loan was paid on the same day straight into my bank account.’

Absolutely first class

‘This is my first time and was overwhelmed with the help and understanding of everyone I spoke to on the phone and how quick the loan was processed.’

At Bamboo, we’re dedicated to making sure that our customers get the financial help they need, when they need it. No long application processes, no days of waiting for the money, no need to chase us up with phone calls to see when you’re going to get your money.

Our guarantor loans instant payout promise makes sure that – within 24 hours of applying for your loan, the money will be in your account if your application is approved before 3pm with the completed documents.

Just head to our personalised quote page, enter your details, see if you’re eligible and then take your pick of our unsecured personal loan or guarantor loan. Representative 49.7% APR.

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