Spooky costumes without the scary price tag: 2017 Halloween costumes on a budget

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There’s something infectious about Halloween, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the sheer amount of sugar involved or the opportunity to kick back and be a little silly (in disguise too, so nobody will recognise you), but there’s nothing like dressing up and heading out with your kids (or your adult friends acting like kids) to trick or treat. Shop-bought Halloween costumes, even the most basic ones, can cost a – severed – arm and a leg. So, we thought we’d make like Cujo (without the rabies), and put our nose for bargains to use, to find the best ideas for your 2017 Halloween costumes on a budget.


2017 Halloween costumes on a budget:


Option #1: Classic Halloween costumes on a budget (Free – £5)

You just can’t go wrong with the classics.


The Bat

Dig out your old and likely broken umbrella. We’ve found a great way to reuse it!

Follow the instructions in this post to help you along. You’ll need a black hoodie or top + headband and black trousers or a skirt. Some basic sewing skills are needed to attach the umbrella fabric (shaped into wings and ears) to the top but the effort is well worth it. It’s cheap, it works and you’ll certainly have everyone talking about your originality.


The Vampire

If we could count the times we’ve used this one (Count, get it?). You can usually grab a set of fake teeth, blood and white make up from a supermarket for a pound or two. Match this up with a white shirt, black trousers and – if you’re particularly thrifty – a bin bag as a cape, and you’re done. Easy.



With the success of The Walking Dead, zombies have been fashionable for the past few years. And that’s great news because they’re incredibly easy to do.

Grab some fake blood and some green and blue make-up from your local supermarket. Then go home and raid your wardrobe for old clothes you never wear.
Take some scissors and tatter your old clothes up with cuts and holes. (Then throw some fake blood over them for good measure.)

Finally, dab green and blue make up on your face to look undead.

Pro tip: use dark blue around the eyes for a proper zombie look.



You’ve got two options with this one: say you’re a ghost, or give it a 2017 twist and say you’re the ghost emoji. Either way, the outfit is the same.

Grab an old sheet, cut some eye holes and throw it over your head. That is it. You’re not going to win the best costume award, but you might get a ‘so bad it’s good’ award.


Option #2: Outside-the-box Halloween costumes on a budget (Less than £5)

If you’re not sold on the classic costumes then why not try something a little less obvious?


Rebel Girl (not the usual kind)

Take your cue from Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, a collection of 100 illustrated stories that celebrate extraordinary women. Costumes ideas include: the animal activist Jane Goodall, celebrated painter Frida Kahlo, inspiring engineer Ada Lovelace and pirate queen Grace O’Malley among others.

The costumes generally make use of clothes you already have in your wardrobe. It might take a while for people to get who you are but it’ll be a conversation starter for sure.


Black Eyed Peas

We know, it’s not 2005 anymore. But the Black Eyed Peas have entered the public consciousness so much that this costume is pretty much timeless.

Grab some black make-up and give yourself a black eye. Then get a plain t-shirt and draw a big P on it. That’s it. If you’re going with a friend, you only need one P on each t-shirt. If you’re flying solo, then you’ll need to draw lots of Ps on your t-shirt.


Option #3: Pop culture Halloween costumes on a budget (£5 – £15)

There’s only one thing that has dominated global conversation in 2017: Donald Trump.

So, we thought, what better idea for a Halloween costume?


Donald J Trump (aka The Donald)

Grab an ill-fitting suit, a red tie, some orange face paint and a yellow wig (or yellow temporary hair-dye) and we’re off to the races.
Now, there’s going to be a few Donalds this Halloween, so we’re going to help you put the little touches to the costume that will trump the competition.
Step One: apply the orange make-up to your face. (You want to aim for Oompah Loompah levels of orange.)
StepTwo: either dye your hair yellow or put on the wig. Grab some hairspray and make the hair as over the top as possible.
Step Three: put on your suit and red tie. Grab a piece of cellotape, and apply it to the back of the tie.
Step Four: practise the voice, the gestures and the squint. People are going to expect you to do Trump impressions all evening now!

And there you have it. 7 easy Halloween costumes on a budget. They’re not going to win any awards for creativity or originality, but you’ll be ready to start spooking people out for possibly less than a fiver, and you can’t complain about that!



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