A day in the life of Hannah, Customer Services Team Leader

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Meet Hannah, an enthusiastic and experienced employee who provides guidance and leadership to the Customer Services Team at Bamboo.  Read what she had to say about herself on our ongoing “A day in the life” series that highlight popular Bamboo Loans job functions, as seen through the eyes of their employees.

A day in the life of Hannah, Customer Services Team Leader: Tell us about yourself

Hi Hannah, tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do?

My job is to look after one of our customer services teams, dealing with customers at the final stage of their loan application. My team help to get the documents or information needed for a decision to be made on a loan. Every day, I am sat with my team to answer any questions they may have, I am responsible for ensuring we provide a high level of customer service to our customers and also ensuring we are lending responsibly. I regularly listen to phone calls my team have made and I also have to monitor the work within our area to ensure we are contacting customers when we have agreed to.

So why did you decide to work for Bamboo, and what are your working hours?

 I joined Bamboo back in 2012 which is before they were lending, as I was excited about their plans as a start-up company, which included learning from competitor’s mistakes! I generally work 9-6 with an hour for lunch but some days I stay even later to avoid the traffic!

What was your background before you joined Bamboo?

I used to work for another sub-prime finance company before Bamboo however I didn’t agree with how they treated their customers or employees. I have always worked in the finance industry since leaving college, before working for lenders I was working in the insurance industry.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently reviewing February’s work load to ensure every customer was treated fairly and had a smooth application process with Bamboo. I am also looking at our contact strategy, designing new text messages and emails.

 What is your favourite part about working with Bamboo?

Without a doubt, my favourite part are my colleagues! I know I am repeating what John already said in his blog but we all genuinely get on so well, I love coming in to work seeing everyone with a smile on their face and happy to be here. We also socialise together out of work regularly so it makes our working environment enjoyable because we work hard but we also have a laugh together too.

Any favourite projects you’ve worked on?

 My favourite project so far has to be helping the company launch, seeing our first loan getting approved and then paid out was a fantastic feeling. A start-up company needs a lot of work to get going and I am very proud to have helped get Bamboo running and it amazes me every day to see how far we have got in such a short time.

Outside of the office, how do you spend your free time?

I enjoy seeing my friends, going to the gym and playing tennis in the fairer weather conditions. Also, I am lucky that my family live locally so I get to see my family every week. I also do enjoy the occasional night out however I’m not 18 anymore and the hangovers are getting steadily worse…

What would you say to people about Bamboo?

At Bamboo we pride ourselves in putting our customer’s first and this is really reflected in our positive trust pilot reviews, we go out of our way to be helpful and we want to give the best customer service that we possibly can whilst helping where possible with the funds they need.

What are your top tips for being successful in the working environment?

My top tips would be:

  1. Work hard but also work smart
  2. Set yourself realistic (smart) goals
  3. Enjoy yourself – if you don’t enjoy your job you are working for the wrong company!


A day in the life of Hannah: Tell us your daily routine

What does the typical day look like for you?

I leave Bournemouth around 8am to drive to Southampton and arrive 9am at the office, my first tasks are to assess the days workload & get a coffee. After that, I then arrange the team around the work, probably make another coffee at this point, making sure everyone is happy and clear what the days objective is and how we are doing for the month so far. I am constantly keeping an eye on the work load to ensure we are up to date with our work. I have lunch around 1, I try to be healthy I do like salads but sometimes we treat ourselves to a cheeky McDonalds or fish & chips! If I don’t have a meeting, I’ll then listen to a few phone calls for the guys in my team and provide feedback if necessary.

I leave work around 5 or 6 and once back in Bournemouth I go the gym for an hour, my gym has a jacuzzi and steam room so I usually indulge myself as a reward for going to the gym! I sometimes eat at my gym’s restaurant just for an easy life, or I’ll go home and make a quick dinner which usually consists of meat, rice and vegetables. I’ll then watch a bit of rubbish TV such as Celebs go dating or Netflix and then I go to bed around 11pm and dream about Channing Tatum.



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