Home appliances: How long do they last?

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Knowing the life expectancy of home appliances may be useful when budgeting for expenses on major purchases. Also, it gives you an idea of when an appliance reaches the end of its life.

Appliance life expectancy depends to a great extent on the use it receives. While many factors, including maintenance and climate, can have an effect on how long an appliance lasts,  it’s possible to get an idea of how many years of service can a homeowner reasonably expect from a window or a door, a dishwasher, or a washing machine.

Life expectancy of home appliances

This useful infographic from Glotech Repairs shows how long you should expect home appliances and other household items to last:

Life Expectancy Around The Home

From Visually.

Home appliance warranties

A manufacturer’s warranty usually lasts around 12-months. If the home appliance breaks down in that time the manufacturer must either repair the problem or replace the item.

However, larger appliances, such as a decent washing machine, are unlikely to go wrong in the first year or so. And that’s why some companies offer a different type of warranties for the most important appliances in your home, so you can be protected against unexpected breakdowns.

Before buying any kind of warranty, ask yourself how expensive is the item to repair or replace. If the cost is pretty low, you can probably take the chance of going without cover.

When is the best time of the year to buy home appliances?

For small kitchen appliances, such as kettles and toasters, go shopping between January to March to snap up cheap end-of-line white goods.

Also, September is a good time of the year to get deals on budget kitchen gadgets, because retailers try to tempt students returning to university. There are often great deals on these items around Christmas, too.

If you would like to buy a dishwasher, February is the month to look for cheap end of line dishwashers.

DIY stores, such as B&Q, Homebase and Screwfix, often discount DIY products around the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Also, just before Winter time is a good time to grab some good bargains on garden furniture.

Do you know any other good time of the year to buy home appliances? Let us know in the comments below.


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