Home office quick budget tips: Turning your small bedroom into an office

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Everyday more and more people are bringing their work home and looking for some ideas to help them plan their own home office.

The need to convert unused bedrooms into offices is on the increase as companies become more flexible with the location employees work at. The hassle of being stuck in teatime traffic is eliminated and a new ”9 to 5” is created for convenience and increased productivity.

While changing the bedroom into an office can seem like a time-consuming transition, it can actually be done with five small changes that will take minimal time and money to complete.

Setting up your home office

The first step is to plan ahead by setting up the room. Having removed the bed, decide where you will place your desk. You will need to ensure you have space against a wall or ideally an alcove, and that you are in close proximity to the appropriate outlets.

Getting cables under control

Rather than creating elaborate ways to hide the cables, a simple tie will work just fine. Here are some amazing ideas to get your cables under control .


home office cables under control

Decorating your room

Depending on the size of the room will determine the appropriate colour scheme. If it is a small room, use colours like yellow or light blue that increase the feel and size. Bright colours will also create a calming and comfortable atmosphere for those long workdays.

Organising your workspace

Adding shelves to your newly painted walls is an appealing option for storing items for both work and home use. They take up less space than expensive storage cabinets and you can always add more if necessary. If you want more ideas and  tips to organise your office space the web is filled with amazing ideas.

Illuminating your small room

To see your work properly, you will need new lighting, as bedroom lights tend not to be as bright as office lights. An inexpensive choice is an energy saving coiled bulb, which is both cost-effective and provides quality illumination. However, if you want to block out light for better use of a computer screen, roller blinds are an attractive and inexpensive option.


home office

Make your home office the place you want to work with these five simple but effective tips!