Homemade Christmas gifts – saving money with a personal touch

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Homemade Christmas gifts – saving money with a personal touch. Sometimes, it can be a little daunting when figuring out where to start with Christmas presents for certain people. They can be difficult to buy for, or you’re already finding your options getting tight due to money constraints. Why not give them the personal touch and make something with your own two hands?

Here we list five ideas for you to consider making family members or friends that they’re sure to love, saving you money and giving you the added credibility of making them something especially for them!

Homemade Christmas gifts:  Handmade soap

While it may sound like something relatively difficult, the fact is that it’s actually quite easy to make your own batches of soap. On top of this, there are a number of providers of ingredients and recipes, such as The Soap Kitchen, which can hook you up with everything you need to make a few people you love a thing they’re sure to use. There’s plenty of room for personalisation, too – think of fruit or colours that are already a hit with those you’re planning to make soap for.

Homemade Christmas gifts: Custom salts

Everyone knows a baker, and even if they don’t, they know people who need seasoning from day to day. Why not buy a few small, cheap jars and fill them with custom salts? They can cost a fortune to get off the shelf, but as this handy article outlines, it can be very easy – and cost-effective – to make your own!

Homemade Christmas gifts: Sewing kits

Sewing kits, off the shelf, aren’t the cheapest. But if you know someone who loves to make do and mend, why not make them their very own sewing kit? You can customise it to their own personal style; getting certain colours, or putting in things you may not get in a standard kit. Bless This Mess made an all-in-one-jar kit that continues to delight three years on.

Homemade Christmas gifts: Preserves

It’s a time-honoured favourite, but for good reason. Jams, chutneys and pickles are fantastic to give people as they last for a long, long time – you don’t have to feel too guilty that you’re getting someone something that won’t last into the New Year! Netmums is a particular proponent of these; they have recipes available for pickles, chutney and jam readily available.

Homemade Christmas gifts: Customised blackboards

What better way to help someone get their New Year’s resolutions into gear than by giving them a personalised blackboard? Whether it’s decorating the frame (much like £95 options on Not on the High Street) or drawing at the top yourself (akin to this £20 option from Personalised Wedding Gifts), you can transform a cheap board into something truly individual in no time.