Home improvement: How to make your home more attractive for sale

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Are you looking for ways to improve your home so you can sell your property quickly? According to a research from Lloyds TSB, homeowners in some of the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom have seen their homes rocket in value by over 87 per cent over the last decade. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in one of these superbly desirable areas you may be struggling to achieve the sale price you were hoping for, or even worse, not getting any interest at all.

So, what can you do to make your home more appealing when you don’t have a picture perfect view to help sell your home? These are some tips to make your property seem more desirable than you ever thought possible.

Tip #1: Depersonalise your home

Try and depersonalise your home so that potential buyers can visualise themselves in the property. This doesn’t have to mean putting away all your family photos, but de-cluttering should certainly be your aim and will have the added bonus of making the property appear larger!

Tip #2: Renovate and repair your home

Upgrading and refreshing where you can will make your property look more top drawer and again. Simple home repairs like fixing loose door handles and chipped paint can go a long way towards making your property look well finished.

Tip #3: Consider the surrounding amenities available

Play to the market – if you have a good school in your area and have a lot of young families looking to move into the area, try and consider what they may want in a home and incorporate some of those features where you can.

Tip #4: Evaluate your potential buyers

Similarly, at the other end of the scale if you just have zero interest in your area because it is in decline, consider selling outside of the open market to a property buying firm or online.

Tip #5: Make your home more inviting

When people are viewing your home, use tried and tested techniques like brewing coffee or putting flowers in vases to make the place smell more inviting.