Interior design: The trends for 2016

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If you’re keen on giving your home a makeover, or simply need to decorate a new home in the first instance, then chances are that you’re already researching the things that will make it really on-trend for 2016. Luckily, we’ve managed to sift through countless recommendations that could separate your home from the rest and make it a real place to be for years to come!


Colours to look for: Rose Quartz and Serenity

There’s only one place to look for colours to follow for the coming year, and that’s Pantone. Yet in a break from the norm, the organisation has picked not one, but two colours blended together: the peachy Rose Quartz and the soft blue Serenity. Together, Pantone says the pair delivers an “inherent balance” between warm and cool, but also cited equality between men and women, challenging “traditional perceptions of colour association”.


It added: “In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted colour trends throughout all other areas of design.” As for its other shades going into spring, Pantone has listed a wide range of nice colours here.


Any-room staples: Pendant lights and pedestals

While it’s not hiding the fact it directly targets high-end clientele, House Beautiful has highlighted its main focuses for rooms of any type in the home – and themes common with other 2016 trend predictors are numbers five and six on its 16-strong list: pendants and pedestals. Stick to the charity shop, or even make your own – you really shouldn’t have to spend hundreds (or thousands) of pounds securing something that serves a simple purpose.


On your walls: Daring wallpapers

If Pantone colours aren’t enough for a paintjob, then you might want to delve back into the surprisingly-popular-again world of wallpaper. In a Huffington Post round-up ahead of next year, four incredibly different styles were offered up as trendy. While a couple look more suitable for an 80s Chinese or Indian restaurant, the impact all four may have on a statement wall may save you the toil and trouble of getting those colours just right.


Space-saving measures: Keeping it tidy and functional

Elle Décor, in its 22-strong list of Pinterest trends for 2016, reckons that a tidy, useful home is the way to go next year – so has put additional emphasis on cable-hiding measures in the office, as well as space-saving “hacks” (put into quote marks due to its shocking over/misuse). Nonetheless, there’s something for everyone in these tips.


50 Shades of Avoid: Grey, and chevrons, on the way out

As for things to avoid, Bob Vila pinpoints two very clear things to walk away from: too much use of grey, as well as the chevron patterning that became very popular in 2015 (especially in kitchens). That said, Elle Décor disagrees with the grey issue in its roundup, but not everyone agrees on one direction.