Top 5 May bank holiday destinations in the UK

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Don’t break the bank holiday: best UK destinations for a May Bank Holiday break

Summer is on its way. The weather’s getting nicer already, BBQs have already been dusted off and we’re already getting the cycle of ‘it’s hotter in the UK than it is in Ibiza/Barcelona/on the surface of the Sun’ news stories. And if there’s one thing that you can always rely on the good weather for, it is the ability to drag up the dormant desire to go on a beach holiday. And what better time to go on holiday than the Spring Bank Holiday weekend in May?

So why not make the most of the good weather we’re getting and take a beach break in the UK? (Plus, it’s so much cheaper!)

For as little as £75 per person, Last Minute has trips around the UK for the bank holiday weekend, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those choices. Here are our top 5 May Bank Holiday destinations in the UK.

Our top May bank holiday destinations in the UK

Choice #1: a picturesque coastal retreat (Looe, Cornwall)

Still very much a working fishing village, Looe is the perfect Bank Holiday destination – picturesque scenery, local events and things to do and – most importantly – lots of local British pubs.

Even better, this quant two-bedroom fisherman’s cottage is just three minutes from the beach, eight minutes from a pub and £45 a night. Bargain.

Choice #2: a trendy trip down memory lane (Margate, Kent)

In the 1950s, Margate was the place to go on holiday. Over the years, however, it became a bit of a joke and fell into disrepair. However, over the past five years, it’s had a bit of a resurgence. The Old Town has been taken over by a variety of boutiques and small cafes, there are a whole host of trendy bars and there’s a Tate Art Gallery that has an enviable collection (and an enviable view). For those young at heart, there’s also Dreamland, a restored vintage theme park with the UK’s oldest wooden rollercoaster. (Plus, the nearby towns of Ramsgate and Broadstairs are only fifteen minutes away and are just as nice, if not better.)

This whole period property – complete with wooden floor and a marble fireplace – is just five minutes away from the seafront. (And it’s only £44 per night for two people.)

Choice #3: A Dorset gem (Poole, Dorset)

If you’re looking for charm, Poole has it. Quant pubs, incredible country parks and – to finish it off – Brownsea Island, the home of the red squirrel and incredible nature walks. Why not pop down, take a long coastal walk and then stop in for a Dorset ale on the way back?

Stay on this Georgian Manor Farm House for just £50 per night (for two people).

Choice #4: Breath-taking scenery and a family beach (Llandudno, Wales)

Llandudno in Conwy, North Wales has everything – beaches, towns, pubs and tonnes of things to do. But the thing that takes the cake is the close proximity to Snowdonia. Within an hour, you could be hiking up a mountain, exploring the caves beneath it or just marvelling at the breath-taking views of North Wales.

Two people can stay in this cosy cottage a few minutes from the sea for just £65 a night.

Choice #5: The best of both worlds – an historic town and scenic coastal views (Hunstanton and West Norfolk)

Norfolk is an almost forgotten gem in the UK’s crown. It has the charm and heritage of an historic town as well as a whole host of scenic views, stunning coastline and incredible beaches. If you’re looking for a charming city break broken up by brisk coastal walks, Norfolk is for you.

Why not stay in this Grade 2 Listed house for just £68 per night?

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