New Trainers or Gym Membership?

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Are you eyeing those new trainers  for your new gym membership ?  Let’s face it, joining a gym may be a great idea if you want to get fit, but the membership will normally be pretty expensive…  You are probably talking about £50 for each month and you will still have to stand around waiting for a free machine a lot of the time!  Of course, you could see gym membership as being money well spent.  However, this is only true if you go there regularly!

Most gyms will expect you to sign up for twelve months of membership, yet around 60% of members will only attend on a regular basis for the first two months!  There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common one is that it is all such a time-consuming business.  An hour or so for a workout may sound plausible enough until you add on the time it takes to get there and back each day…

Definitely invest in new trainers

So, what is the alternative?  Is there a realistic way of burning off those calories without burning a hole in your pocket at the same time?  Yes, there is; running.  Whilst this is not the world’s most modern type of exercise, it is still worth some very serious consideration.  All that you will need to invest in is some decent trainers.

There is a lot to be said for going for a run each day; you will get to know your way around the neighbourhood better, there are different things to see every time you go out and you can listen to all of your favourite tunes whilst you are getting your daily exercise!  In fact, when you think about it all like this; why on earth would anyone want to join a gym in the first place?  No contract to keep, only freedom to consider!

So slip on those trainers, plug in your headphones and get out there on the street!  And if you still like the idea of joining a gym, then why not jog there and back each time you go?