Decluttering with a no-spend January

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Let’s do no spend January this year and declutter our finances One of the best ways to start afresh in the New Year is to declutter your home. A lot of people equate that to two or three specific things, such as tidying their home and getting rid (or selling) anything they don’t need, or want, or could be much more appreciated elsewhere. While this isn’t a bad idea in principle, it’s worth framing it properly to get the absolute most out of the process – and save yourself a lot of cash in the process!

Over the 31 days that January offers, follow four key steps to our no spend January  and you’ll start 2016 completely anew:

No spend January – Let’s donate, sell or use.

We all have DVDs, games, CD and Blu-rays knocking around the house, which seem to have done nothing but collect dust or get forgotten about entirely. Do an audit of everything you have – if you want to keep some, there’s no harm at all. They’re yours after all. But I you’ve kept hold of a game you haven’t played, ask yourself: will I play it? Is it worth holding into if I don’t? You’ll be amazed how much you can get for games, CDs and DVDs with the right place. You can put that money into new projects you want to start, such as any New Year’s resolutions you may have lined up.

No spend January – Use every food item in your house before you restock.

Much like the ever-popular “things” drawer you may have in your house, you’ll likely have a dozen tins of who-knows-what in your cupboard, or a freezer shelf full of unused purchases from weeks ago. Why not take this time to combine them to use them up and do something a bit different? The same thing goes for cosmetics and hygiene products in your bathroom – they too have a shelf life, and you may have hand lotion or conditioner you got ages ago but never finished, or even used. Time to use them up!

No spend January – Finishing projects that have evaded you.

You may not have as much time for this given the inevitable time you may put into point one, but think about how many projects you have that were put on hold for one reason or another – and consider how many you could strike off your list in no time. We’re talking the likes of photo editing, scrapbooking, framing, painting, general DIY… you’re bound to have a few!

Whatever you do, don’t buy ahead.

This last point is perhaps the most important… the only way you’ll scrimp and save in this situation is to only use what you have, so don’t go ahead and fill your fridge in order to “declutter” with that. Christmas is a time for leftovers and gifts, so make the most of what you still have!