Organising a summer party on a budget

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If you’ve invited people round to your home for a summer party, you want to ensure they have a great time and are blown away by your hospitality. But impressing your friends and family can come at a cost; it’s all too easy to go way over-budget and end up spending more than you can afford.

However, it’s possible to organise a great social event that everyone will enjoy without breaking the bank. If you are clever with your money and know where to look for a bargain, there are ways to keep costs under control without your guests even noticing. Here are a few tips for economising on your summer party, while still making sure it is one of the events of the season:

Cut out the invitations

One of the simplest ways to reduce the cost of organising a party is to scrap the hard-copy invitations. It can be nice to receive a fancy, bespoke card through the post, but it is hardly a prerequisite for enjoying a party. In the era of mobile phones and the internet, there’s nothing wrong with inviting people online or by text message. As long as the message gets through and all the details are included, your guests will still come along.


Reduce the booze bill

Very often, guests like to bring a bottle to a party, to avoid coming empty-handed. When everyone brings wine, beer or soft drinks – adding to the huge stockpile you’ve already built up – there ends up being a huge surplus of beverages. Knowing that many of the guests will want to contribute, it isn’t too much of a risk to provide fewer drinks than would normally be the case. This can help cut the catering bill.


Delegate the buffet

In a similar vein, you could ask guests to bring a side dish – perhaps a salad or dessert – to add to the meal. With it being a summer party, there’s a good chance you’ll be firing up the barbecue and grilling a range of meat and veggie options for your guests. As long as there’s plenty to choose from on the BBQ, your guests will be happy to bring something complementary.


Save on the entertainment

Rather than bringing a band in or hiring a string quartet, you can just play music in the background through your speakers. Providing the music creates the right vibe and your guests have a say in what gets played, they should be happy.