Over 55 and cutting costs? More money-saving tips for you

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Following on from our guide to saving money on travel if you’re over the age of 55, we’ve done our research to see what we could get you elsewhere. Here are a few solid ideas to get you started!


Subsidised energy bills

You could save a pretty penny on bills if you’re over 60 – in fact, it comes to around £200 per household for electricity and gas bills. Originally, you only had to be 60 or older, but the requirement is steadily rising to match the state pension age for women (which itself will be replaced with a flat retirement age regardless of gender). This year, you had to have been born on or before January 5th 1953. Next year, it may rise again.


Even better, if you’re over 80, you can get £300 per house. You get the money automatically before Christmas, however old you are. It’s always best just to see if you qualify: download the form at the gov.uk site or call 03459 151515 to find out more.


TV Licence for free

If you’re 75 or over, you qualify for a free TV Licence. Simply get yourself to the website by clicking here or give the company a ring on 0300 790 6117. Don’t worry if you fall short within a year, either; if you’re 74, you can instead shorten your licence to finish being paid for when you turn 75.


Get a free passport

Considering going abroad and your birthday’s on or before September 2nd 1929? Well you’re in luck – you can renew (or just get) your passport for free. Applications can be found online, but it’s a lot easier to go down to the Post Office, where you’ll also get help on how to fill out an application. However, you’ll still have to pay for a passport photo – not cheap these days, sadly!


And don’t forget those free prescriptions

Unlike in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland – where prescriptions are free for people of any age – you can get them for free if you’re over 60 in England, at least. It’s definitely not something to be sniffed at, especially when you’ve got repeat prescriptions for one or more issues.