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How to find the best personal loan without damaging your credit rating

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Christmas gifts on a budget: 5 amazing DIY presents that cost up to £20

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Are you overpaying your gas bills? Here’s how to find out

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10 easy ways to save money this Christmas without losing the Christmas spirit

Last year, it’s estimated that the UK spent £21 billion on Christmas, on everything from presents and food to pantos and parties. Divided up, that’s over £750 per household, which isn’t far o... Read More

Ask Bamboo: How to stick to your budget for winter?

Let’s face it: winter isn’t cheap. On top of Christmas, New Year and the ever-so-tempting Boxing Day sales, you’ve got the extra heating and extra electricity to consider. And the chance that y... Read More

Cheap iPhone deals: Where to get the best deal in the UK?

Cheap iPhone deals do not apply to the shinny new iPhone X. If you’re a long-time Apple devotee, then you are probably super excited about the announcement of the iPhone X. It has facial recognition... Read More

Unsecured and secured loans: Bitesize Bamboo

When you’re looking for secured loans or unsecured loans, you often come across lots of lingo and jargon that you don’t quite understand. There are lots of three-letter-acronyms, lots of terms an... Read More

Coping with financial difficulties + loan repayments

Finding yourself in financial difficulties is never easy, but it’s especially stressful when you’ve got loan repayments to make. But we’re here to say, if you’re in this situation: don’t pan... Read More

Inside Bamboo: A day in the life of Serena, Quality Assurance Associate, Credit Risk

Serena, Quality Assurance Associate, Credit Risk   Meet Serena and read what she had to say about herself on our ongoing “A day in the life” series that highlight popular Bamboo Loans job fu... Read More