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Booking holidays for that little bit cheaper in 2016

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Setting the date? Tips for choosing when to tie the knot

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Saying ‘I do’ abroad – The pros and cons of destination weddings

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Getting hitched in 2016 – This year’s wedding trends

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Budget hen parties: See off singledom in style (but don’t break the bank)

There was a time when a hen party was a night with the girls down the local pub, a few daft games, a L-plate for the bride to be and a kebab on the way home. Since then hen parties have evolved into h... Read More

Gorgeous gowns: 2016 wedding dress trends

Your wedding dress should make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth – and the beauty of bridal gowns is that there are styles and shapes to suit everyone. If you’re about to start l... Read More

Day-to-day savings: Getting into good habits this February

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Money-saving gadgets for the home: which ones are worth the hype?

There are countless attempts by marketers, inventors and, sadly, shysters to get your money with their latest technology that you “can’t live without”. Once you sort the wheat from t... Read More

Cashback sites: five problems you may encounter

One particularly frugal thing for  cashback, or effectively spend less on online purchases, is to sign up to one or more cashback websites. Companies such as TopCashback and Quidco work as referrers ... Read More

Getting the most value out of video games

Video games, in this blog post we will try to show you to get the most value out of your video games. Whether you’re an avid gamer, an understanding parent or a partner of someone into their con... Read More