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Average mortgage debt for UK householders climbs to £85k

The typical mortgage debt of British homeowners has climbed to the £85,000 mark, representing a near-2.5% rise on the £83,000 average of 2014, according to the Bank of England in its latest Quarterl... Read More

Student loan repayments: Considering government challenge

Issues about student loan repayments: The best-known consumer champion has had enough of the issues facing students heading to university to such a degree that he’s pulled in a group of lawyers to a... Read More

Interior design: The trends for 2016

If you’re keen on giving your home a makeover, or simply need to decorate a new home in the first instance, then chances are that you’re already researching the things that will make it really on-... Read More

Wedding trends for 2016 – tips to make your big day extra special

There are plenty of recommendations flying around for couples who want the perfect wedding, but what are the big trends forecast for 2016? We’ve scoured the magazines and asked our friends, and ... Read More

Less than an hour to clean your house… how do you do it?

So, you’ve got a last-minute opportunity to entertain guests. It’s Christmas, or the two or three weeks afterwards, so you’ve undoubtedly committed to one get-together or another (es... Read More

Charity: Problem debt is becoming “new normal” for families

According to StepChange, there are around 750,000 families across the UK where debts have become such a regular burden that many are in danger of treating them as a so-called “new normal”.   ... Read More

How not to be burgled during December ?

Being burgled during December is one of the most common things. No surprise to many that there is a rise in burglaries around Christmas time – but a recent survey from Direct Line’s home insuranc... Read More

Self employed pensions – Why save into pensions?

Self employed pensions – Why save into pensions? The government’s efforts to ensure pensions are mandatory for employers across the UK appears to have stopped short of one key group of peo... Read More

Scottish capital ‘offers best quality of life for your money’

Scottish capital ‘offers best quality of life for your money’. If you want to see your money go as far as possible in giving you the best quality of life, then it may be time for you to mo... Read More

Frugal Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Frugal lessons to teach your kids the frugal lifestyle. In a world dominated by the internet, electronic devices and general media coverage of just how spoiled you can be with access to the right deal... Read More