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Quality over quantity: invest in clothes for the future

Many people feel the need to head to low-price shops to buy their wares and yet, time after time, many find themselves feeling disenfranchised because they did not get something to last them well into... Read More

Uni Budget – Things to consider before setting off for Uni

Uni budget can be a difficult to handle as you start your first independent years away from family. The media almost represents the management of student finance as an overarching factor of the univer... Read More

Finding the ideal winter coat

The country-in-the-city look was a blockbuster hit last winter and this seems to still be the case this season. Meanwhile, duffle coats are also becoming increasingly popular and are now a key trend o... Read More

Rainy day activities: how to keep the kids happy when the skies aren’t

Rainy day activities are a must at the start of Autumn and with it we expect the usual swing in conditions – the hot weather long gone (despite the odd surprise Indian summer), so we’re forced to ... Read More

Getting the designer look without the designer price tag

Wouldn’t it be great to hire an interior designer to revamp a room in your home? And wouldn’t it be even better to get that designer look without having to reach so far into your pockets? If you c... Read More

Go basic with the décor and save a bundle

Time after time interiors articles advise that going neutral with décor will help you make your home more appealing to renters or buyers. Opting for neutral decoration may also save you cash on mater... Read More

New Trainers or Gym Membership?

Are you eyeing those new trainers  for your new gym membership ?  Let’s face it, joining a gym may be a great idea if you want to get fit, but the membership will normally be pretty expensive… ... Read More

How switching electricity providers can save you hundreds

Many utility companies make thousands a year from customers paying a lot more than they need to, thanks to a kind of habitual loyalty that we develop with our providers – while we might not actively... Read More

MAB: Remortgage loans becoming ever-bigger form of lending

The desire of homeowners to make the most of rising property prices has led to remortgage loans hitting a new high, according to Mortgage Advice Bureau’s (MAB’s) latest National Mortgage Index. ht... Read More

PPI and packaged bank accounts continue to bug consumers

Packaged bank accounts and payment protection insurance (PPI) are still leading the way with the complaints. It may not be a surprise to the countless people who have endured cold calls and emails fro... Read More