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Second jobs for extra cash – Amazon Flex to Deliveroo let’s find out the options

Second jobs for extra cash: the good, the bad and the ugly As the economy waxes and wanes, more people are turning to side hustles, side-projects and extra-curricular work to boost their income. And w... Read More

Bamboo Loans is a Consumer Credit Awards 2017 finalist!

After ten weeks of voting in the Consumer Credit Awards 2017, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been named a finalist in the “Best Personal Loan Provider” and “Best Newcomer” categori... Read More

What is a soft credit search and how does it help my credit score?

If you’ve ever read our blog posts – or any other blogs on personal finance – then you’ve probably heard the term soft credit search cropping up here and there. On occasion, you might have won... Read More

Auto loan with bad credit – Here is your guide to refinance

If interest rates have dropped or you’re unhappy with the rates you’re getting on your car loan, then it might be a good idea to consider refinancing. However, refinancing your auto loan with bad ... Read More

Summer jobs for students – Earn extra cash during holidays

You’ve made it. There may have been periods when it got a bit touch-and-go, you might have had a few dinners that would make your mum recoil in horror if she knew (‘9p noodles with soy sauce?!’)... Read More

Music festivals 2017 UK from Reading to Glastonbury

Which UK music festival is right for you? Music festivals have become a staple of British summers for almost everybody under thirty – but before you pack your checked shirts, cheap ray-bans and tins... Read More

I’ve been rejected for a loan. What can I do?

Getting rejected for a loan isn’t fun. It’s disappointing, frustrating and a little bit upsetting. But if you have been declined for loan don’t worry you’re not alone. According to a surv... Read More

Why it’s important to tell the truth on your loan application?

If you’re in a bit of a bind and need to borrow money, it can be tempting to try and bend the truth ever so slightly when you’re filling out a loan application to increase your chances of being ap... Read More

7 tips to protect yourself against online identity fraud

Unfortunately, identity fraud is on the rise. In 2015, the number of identity fraud victims rose by 57% and the annual cost of identity fraud in the UK is now over £193 billion. That works out to ar... Read More

Grow your own! Save money on your fruit, veg and herbs

For the first time since 2014, food prices in UK supermarkets are on the rise. On top of that, the UK only produces 68% of the food it consumes – the remaining 32% is made up of imports from the EU ... Read More