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Ask Bamboo: What is a pension? Why do I need one?

When you’re young, pension is something you hardly consider. You either contribute out of your wages without thinking about it, or you don’t contribute at all. And then, suddenly, one day you get ... Read More

Getting the best deal on young drivers car insurance

Young drivers car insurance is the last thing on your mind when you’re learning to drive. We remember the moment all-too-well; you’ve just passed your driving test, you’re over the moon a... Read More

24% of UK homeowners use personal loans for home improvement

Here at Bamboo, we’re always interested in looking at how people spend their money, how people can save money (or tighten the purse strings here and there) and – seeing as we’re a loan specialis... Read More

7 easy ways to boost your income (with only a little bit of effort)

The average UK household spends over £500 on Christmas every year (with many spending a lot more). But when things are already a little tight, finding that £500 isn’t easy. Of course, you can bor... Read More

Should I worry about the Bank of England’s base rate increase?

The Bank of England has increased what is known as the base rate from 0.25% to 0.5%. This is the first base rate increase since July 2007. Much has been said and written about it already so, we̵... Read More

Top up an existing loan quickly with the new Bamboo top up

At Bamboo, we’re very excited to be launching a new product – the chance to top up an existing loan. With our Bamboo top up loan you may be able to borrow more money from us . If you’re not s... Read More

Additional borrowing: What is it and how do you apply?

Do you know what additional borrowing is? With all of the jargon surrounding borrowing, it’s easy to get confused. But at Bamboo, confused is the last thing we want you to be – we want everything ... Read More

Clear your overdraft with Bamboo’s top tips

An overdraft can be a great thing, however, many people have trouble clearing their overdrafts. They’re a safety net for months when payments are coming out before anything has come in. They’re ... Read More

Quick guide to cash back, points and perks

We love a thrifty trick here at Bamboo, and we’ve covered lots of ways to save money in previous posts. But here’s one we haven’t written about before. Making sure that you sign up f... Read More

Short term borrowing: What are the best options?

Sometimes you just a little bit of extra cash to see you through to the end of the month. But what are the best options for short term borrowing? We’ve all been there. Your washing machine packs up ... Read More