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Mums getting back to work in the UK here our top tips

The thought of returning to work after you’ve been on maternity leave (or you’ve taken some time out to enjoy being a mum) can feel pretty daunting. There’s a whole host of thoughts racing throu... Read More

How much does it cost to transform your garage into a room?

If you’re a little short of space and have a garage that’s just collecting dust (or, more likely, collecting everything you don’t know what else to do with) it might be time to think about conve... Read More

Alternative ways of financing your wedding rings

The average cost of a wedding in the UK is between £24,000 and £30,000, depending on what reports you read. That’s more than the average UK salary spent on a single day, so it’s unsurprising tha... Read More

The Bamboo Guide: How to apply for a personal loan online

You know that feeling just before you go to the dentist? Or before you finally go to that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off for a while? Well, making the decision to apply for a persona... Read More

Ask Bamboo: What is the cost of owning a dog?

Is there anything better than coming back home from a trip – whether it was a five-minute pop to the shop or a long day at work – to be greeted by the wagging tale, toothy grin and exciting yelps ... Read More

Whip your finances into shape: how to use a budget planner

Using a budget planner can seem like one of those tasks that just a bit too much work. You know how much money comes in each month and you know – roughly – how much goes out for bills, rent and ot... Read More

The Bamboo guide on how to pay for your holidays

There’s a thought that some people start to get in their heads just right before summer. As you sit at your desk or on your sofa you get a brief glimpse of hot sand and gently crashing waves. Somet... Read More

Second jobs for extra cash – Amazon Flex to Deliveroo let’s find out the options

Second jobs for extra cash: the good, the bad and the ugly As the economy waxes and wanes, more people are turning to side hustles, side-projects and extra-curricular work to boost their income. And w... Read More

Bamboo Loans is a Consumer Credit Awards 2017 finalist!

After ten weeks of voting in the Consumer Credit Awards 2017, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been named a finalist in the “Best Personal Loan Provider” and “Best Newcomer” categori... Read More

What is a soft credit search and how does it help my credit score?

If you’ve ever read our blog posts – or any other blogs on personal finance – then you’ve probably heard the term soft credit search cropping up here and there. On occasion, you might have won... Read More