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I’ve got a destroyed credit rating, what can I do?

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Our top destinations for late summer sun

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Savings Calculator – How much do I need to save?

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I desperately need a loan but I have bad credit, what can I do?

Here at Bamboo, we hear things like I desperately need a loan but I have bad credit a lot. Having a bad credit rating is something that scares most people – they think that it stops them from borrow... Read More

Affordable accommodation in London for students: a guide

Finding affordable accommodation in London for students can seem like an almost impossible task. Even though rent in London has fallen slightly, as of March 2017, the average rent in London was still ... Read More

Ask Bamboo: Is travel insurance worth it

There are few things that can kill the ‘we’re going on holiday’ buzz faster than talk of travel insurance (packing comes a close second). One minute you’re dreaming of evening walks along the ... Read More

Long term sickness: Everything you should know

If you’ve ever had a long term sickness that has stopped you from going to work – whether it was a bad back that meant you couldn’t sit at a desk or stress keeping you from going back – then y... Read More

Bamboo Picks: The 3 Best (Free) Personal Finance Apps

If you’re old enough to remember the days you’d have to head to the bank to cash a cheque or find out your balance, then this new world of online banking, PayPal and personal finance apps might se... Read More

Ask Bamboo: can you get a student loan with bad credit?

Can you get a student loan with bad credit? Will bad credit affect my student loan at all? At Bamboo, we get asked a lot of questions about loans, borrowing and bad credit, so we thought that – as p... Read More

Bamboo Picks: 3 of the best work from home jobs

Since 2010, the gig economy (a fancy term from the number of people working for themselves or freelancing) has grown by over 70%. In fact, recent figures estimate that over the next five years, 50% of... Read More