Top 7 Personal Finance Blogs You Have to Read

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When it comes to making savings or managing your personal finance, it can often be hard to know where to start and what are the must-read personal finance blogs. However, if there’s one piece of advice that everybody agrees on, it’s that little lifestyle, habit and mentality changes are a lot more effective in the long run than short periods of being very good with your money.

We like to think of personal finance a bit like a diet – you might be able to lose more weight if you go on a crash diet, but it’s not sustainable in the long run. Instead, making small lifestyle changes – like cycling to work or cooking more meals from scratch – will have a much longer-lasting effect.

Our Favourite Personal Finance Blogs

And so, here are 7 personal finance blogs to start you on your journey to being a personal finance pro. All of these blogs are different and unique in their own ways, but the one thing they have in common is their desire to help others save, get out of debt and live a happier life by making small, manageable changes.

1. Mint Life (@mint)

If you decide to only read one blog about personal finance – make it Mint Life. Although some of the advice may be very America-specific (to be fair, it is an American blog), almost all the advice is universal and can be applied equally well in the UK. In fact, there’s blog posts on every conceivable financial situation you could find yourself in on here – from debt to divorce, marriage to babies and everything in between.

Best place to start: There’s almost too many to choose from, but the article on a 50/30/20 approach to budgeting is pretty great – and simple – advice.

2. The Savvy Scot (@savvyscot)

The Savvy Scot isn’t a personal finance professional – but he is a young, money-savvy and full of great, practical advice, so you should still read his personal finance blogs anyway. Not only is his blog full of great advice on how to save money, it’s also full of ways to travel on a budget and to further your career and be successful.

Best place to start: 10 Bad Money Habits and How to Break Them is a great breakdown about how everything – from buying a coffee to being too shy to ask for a raise – can affect your personal finances.

3. A Disease Called Debt (@debtfreeoneday)

Although the name might sound a little scary and conjure images of 28 Days Later-like zombies infected by debt, this blog is really great. Not only is it full of excellent advice and ways to save money, but it’s all about the personal journey of a husband and wife climbing their way out of £41,000 debt and how they did it – so you know that the advice works.

Best place to start: Handily, they’re one step ahead of you here – they’ve got a Start Here page which directs you to all of the must read pages and gives a quick overview of their journey to a debt-free life.

4. Can’t Swing a Cat (@cantswingacat)

Another personal finance blog with an odd name – Can’t Swing A Cat is a UK blog, run by Jenni Hill, that aims to help you improve your financial situation and save for the future. What makes this blog special is the fact that it also focuses on being happy at the moment too – so no financial crash dieting or filling in online forms for little reward. There’s thrifty advice, but there’s also advice on how to start a second job from home and understand compound interest. Plus, all her posts are easy to read too (if you don’t mind a little bit of swearing every now and again), which helps.

Best place to start: How to Ask for A Pay Raise is a great article that makes asking for a raise seem nowhere near as scary as you thought it would be.

5. Pennies in the Jar (@penniesinthejar)

Another UK-based blog, Pennies in the Jar is run by Sarah and covers everything from ways to make extra money to being frugal and pinching those pennies in her personal finance blogs. What’s great about Pennies In the Jar is the fact that Sarah promises not to blog or recommend anything that she hasn’t tried herself, so you know that the advice you’re getting actually has a chance of working for you.

Best place to start: Sarah’s tips page is full of a wide range of advice on saving money – from cheap things to do at Disneyland to thrifty ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer.

6. Mr Money Mustache (@mrmoneymustache)

OK, we’ve tried to include UK-based bloggers over American ones, but we can’t ignore Mr Money Mustache (we’re guessing this isn’t his real name…). Not only is his blog full of great advice, but it’s from his own experience of saving enough money to retire and start a family in his mid-thirties. And he’s not worked a single day since. Sound like the life for you?

Well, it’s a lot of hard work and requires a lot of cutting on expenses, but if you pick and choose from his advice (if you’re not quite ready for the hardcore approach), you’ll still end up saving a packet. Plus, like we said, it’s all about little adjustments rather than crash-saving.

Best place to start: Getting Rich: From Zero to Hero in One Blog Post is the page Mr Mustache himself recommends to start – it covers his journey to retirement in his mid-thirties and how you can do the same. and how you can do the same.

7. Be Clever with Your Cash (@AndyCleverCash)

When a personal finance blog has won Money Blog Of The Year in 2015, came runner up in 2016 and the blogger is a money expert for the BBC that used to work for Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert, you know you’re onto a winner. Andy Webb (that’s who writes the blog) has created a blog that’s all about ‘saving by doing or buying less’. This minimalist approach applies to his writing too – his writing not only contains great advice, but is easy to read, follow and understand. We’d call that a win/win.

Best place to start: His article on how he made £2,300 from switching banks is incredibly insightful and eye-opening, but his article on how to get cheap cinema tickets is pretty great too.

Of course, here at Bamboo we can add our personal finance blog to the long list of personal finance blogs, full of advice on how to save money – from saving up for a mortgage to finding cheap holidays. And, if there’s something you’d like us to cover, why not let us know in the comments below?

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