Prime Minister David Cameron buys a £1,500 used car for his wife 

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The Prime Minister has surprised a car dealer by turning up to buy £1,500 used car for his wife Samantha.

Before David Cameron’s visit, showroom owner Iain Harris, 44, received a call from the PM’s security team saying he was interested in a Nissan Micra and wanted to pop in and look at the car. Mr. Harris thought it was one of his mates having a wind-up.

What did the Prime Minister look for when buying the used car?

  • He was keen to ensure he was buying a British-made vehicle.
  • He spent about half an hour kicking the tyres and examining the car.
  • The Tory leader said the blue car was “just the right colour”.
  • He asked his security detail to stand behind the car to make sure the back brake lights worked.

Mr. Harris added: “It was a bit surreal, but likewise he was just a normal chap buying a car for his wife, a normal conversation, normal sort of deal and that was it.”

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