Rainy day activities: how to keep the kids happy when the skies aren’t

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Rainy day activities are a must at the start of Autumn and with it we expect the usual swing in conditions – the hot weather long gone (despite the odd surprise Indian summer), so we’re forced to consider back-up options for the kids. However, it presents us with a fantastic opportunity to not only mix things up, but keep things cheap!

Without further ado, here are a few of our team’s favourite rainy day activities to indulge the kids in when the skies turn grey, especially on a Saturday. You may not realise just how much cash you can save! 

Rainy day activities #1 :Photography showcase

Most people have a digital camera – even if it’s just one on their phone. One game that did the rounds in the Bamboo office the other week was the kids’ photography competition. Give your child a camera and set them ten or more “challenges” – e.g. take a photo of something orange, take the wackiest selfie, or grab a pic of the most beautiful thing in the house. If you’re clever, you don’t only keep the kids happy – you also get some amazing photos to keep for the future!

Pasta pictures

Oh, it’s a classic. Get the card, glue and pasta out. We usually have spaghetti and macaroni in the house. Next time you’re in the supermarket, pick up a big bag for less than £1 – you never know when it’ll come in handy!

Build-your-own pizza

While it’s not necessarily a free activity, you can pop to an indoor market with the kids to pick up their perfect ingredients for a pizza. Then, either invest in cheap pizza bases or get truly brave and make your own. Get the kids to make you their perfect creations – the wackier the better! Not only are you teaching them a skill, you’re having fun! Bonus: they could effectively make your dinner with a “helping hand”.

Grab the tape

Have you got electrical or masking tape knocking around in the house? You can create some fantastic things on your carpet with it, if you’re so inclined. We’ve had our kids create roads for their toy cars and hopscotch in the front room. A lot of people may think it’ll only create a mess, but it’s actually quite the opposite; you lift the tape up after play, and it lifts the dust out of your carpet! Obviously it depends on how it’s made, but by and large, it’s a pretty painless idea.