The best money saving apps for your hard-earned cash

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The best money saving apps for your hard-earned cash. Chances are you’ve got a smartphone or tablet – and while they’re great at keeping track of the news, your friends and life in general (including the not-so-important things that the likes of Reddit throws up on a daily basis), they’re not exactly great at keeping an eye on your budget (or making the most of it). Where do you go to keep track of your daily outgoings, and make sure they’re kept as tight as possible in the first instance?


Ahead of 2016, and probable New Year’s resolutions to save money (if only to spend it on something great for yourself down the line), we’ve put together what we believe to be the best four apps to make the most of your cash.

The best money saving apps


This incredible – and free – app is, if anything, a little overcomplicated for some; after all, you can keep track of your all financial movements across every account you may hold. Seriously, we’re not kidding – your current account, savings fund, even your pension. It keeps track of spending patterns and can assign a budget to you on a per-month basis. It’s also got some nice security features, such as password protection and remote deactivation through the Mint website.


You Need a Budget

While the upfront cost is a lot of money to many ($60, or £40), it may be enough to really force you into saving that amount in just a month or two. YNAB, as it’s known, works on four founding principles:

  • Give every dollar a job;
  • Save for a rainy day;
  • Roll with the punches;
  • Live on last month’s income.


You initially buy the software for Windows or Mac, and the app is free off the back of this. Rave reviews come from the likes of CNN, Lifehacker and Appstorm (the lattermost giving it 10/10).



While not an overarching budgeting tool, mySuperList operates on a very simple premise: if you’re doing a food shop online or in-store, it is able to scan the records for every other supermarket to see if you’re getting the best deal for your money. If you’re within walking distance of two or three supermarkets, or generally shop around, it’s absolutely indispensable.



It’s a website that can go two ways, but we wanted to include it anyway, as it really can help out in those tight spots. HUKD is a user-generated savings site that operates on a simple “heat” basis, similar to the upvoting system on Reddit. Divided into a number of different categories (though strongest on a handful, such as gaming, electronics and fashion), it lists the latest deals popping up in-store and online across the UK. While it does effectively offer the temptation to buy something you don’t strictly need, there’s the overriding ability to get coupons, freebies and generally shop for gifts or homewares at incredibly low prices… you just have to return regularly!