Uni Budget – Things to consider before setting off for Uni

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Uni budget can be a difficult to handle as you start your first independent years away from family. The media almost represents the management of student finance as an overarching factor of the university experience.  Uni budget and money is of course an important condition, especially given the recent hike in tuition fees and national rising cost of living, however there is a great deal more to the university experience. Moreover, university can be done even on a strict budget with some careful planning. A lot of universities offer you support in the form or grants, bursaries and scholarships to help make your university experience a happy one.

In addition to potential financial support from the institution itself, there are a number of money-saving measures you can take personally to ensure that your university costs are kept to a minimum.

Perhaps the first place to start about uni budget  is to write a list of your income and outgoings to establish how much money you have left to play with at the end of the month. Your income may that from your student loan, parents, or grants, bursaries and scholarships. Your outgoings may include your rent, utility bills, and money for basics such as food shopping and library usage.

Finally, taking on a part time job may be a feasible option for you to get your uni budget into shape and can help supplement your income. However, if you do this be sure to get you work-social life balance right to ensure that you simultaneously aren’t being overworked or sacrificing your degree in any way.