Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget – 7 Fool-proof ideas

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When it comes to thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas, it’s often incredibly difficult to come up with anything that doesn’t threaten to break the bank. That said, finding something that is both thrifty and romantic isn’t easy.

That’s why we’ve put our heads together to come up with 7 Valentine’s Day ideas that are fun, romantic (some to a lesser extent than others) and – most importantly – incredibly cheap.

Valentine’s Day ideas on a Budget – 7 Fool-proof ideas:

1. Make dinner

Ah, the old classic. You’re never going to find an article about Valentine’s Day that doesn’t suggest cooking a meal for your loved one – but for good reason: it’s a classic. It shows you care, it takes effort and requires some thought. To really up the ante though, why not plan a meal that has some special meaning: maybe the meal you ate on your first date, when you proposed or that dish they loved when you were on holiday?

2. Order a takeaway

The alternative to cooking a meal at home – order a takeaway. Do you know what’s romantic? Eating a meal together. Do you know what isn’t romantic? Washing up. So, what better way to keep the evening romantic than preventing the need to get up to your elbows in Fairy Liquid. Order a nice takeaway (for mega-savings, find a takeaway that offers a discount. As Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, why not try Domino’s Two for Tuesday to get two pizzas for the price of one?), throw on a nice film and spend the evening cuddled up, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to scrub pots and pans for 20 minutes.

3. Write a poem

This sounds incredibly cheesy – but it doesn’t have to be. (If cheesy is your bag, then by all means go for it.) A bit like cooking dinner, writing a poem shows a lot of effort and thought and – we guarantee this – will be remembered for a lot longer than a box of chocolates. Why not write a poem about your first date or something you like about them? To stop it from becoming sickly sweet, throw in lines like ‘I’m still glad I met you that night in town, even if you never put the toilet seat down.’ That sort of thing.

4. Play a game together

Whether you’re a chess-player or console gamer, sitting down and indulging in some light-hearted competition is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Not only do you do something a little different for the evening – at least, different to collapsing in front of the TV – but you get a chance to act a little childish and escape the boring realities of being an adult for the evening. (Pro tip: don’t play Monopoly. Every other board game = fine. Monopoly puts you at serious risk of not talking for the rest of the night!)

5. Make cocktails

Like a tipple? If you like to indulge in a fancy cocktail, but aren’t so keen on shelling out a tenner for one drink, why not buy the ingredients and make them yourself. Although some ice, a few bottles of alcohol and some syrup might set you back close to £30 you’ll almost certainly end up with considerably more drinks than if you went out. Plus, what’s more thoughtful than learning to whip up their favourite cocktail? Nothing – that’s what.

6. Throw a party

Valentine’s Day not for you? You’re not alone. We’re willing to bet that your single mates – and some of your loved-up ones – would love an excuse to party on Valentine’s Day. Why not throw a party at your place? Ask friends to bring some snacks and booze and party the night away.

7. Go away on the cheap

This is probably the most expensive of our Valentine’s Day ideas, but not by much. If you’re very clever, you might be able to bag yourself a night away in Europe (or around the UK) for the same price as a decent takeaway. (If you’re not sure how to go about this, check out our guide to cheap romantic getaways.)

Have you got any tips to keep Valentine’s Day as cheap as possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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