Getting the most value out of video games

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Video games, in this blog post we will try to show you to get the most value out of your video games. Whether you’re an avid gamer, an understanding parent or a partner of someone into their consoles or PCs, you’ll understand just how expensive a habit it can be, especially if you’re keeping up to date with the latest titles. But how can you keep costs down when you’re maintaining this hobby? It’s easy when you know how…


Video Games – Check the deal sites

From the huge pay-more-than-average charity deal sites such as Humble Bundle to the DRM-free gaming haven of, PC gamers have little to fear when searching for a bargain – especially around the time of a Steam sale. Yet while it may seem more difficult for console gamers to get a decent deal online, it’s worth checking and its network of sites, as well as Rakuten (and its points-based refund system), and specialist sites known for great deals such as, Coolshop and Shopto.


Don’t be afraid to check supermarkets for video games 

While it sells brand new for over £30 elsewhere, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – generally seen as one of the best games ever made, and the highest-rated title among many on the Nintendo 3DS – was just £8.00 on Tesco’s website. Weeks earlier, Halo 5 for Xbox One was selling for £10. Occasionally it may be a mislisting, but don’t worry if it is – they’ll close down the deal fast, and usually offer you compensation in the form of a deals voucher.


Offline, supermarkets are notoriously bad at pricing games in both ways; sometimes, they’re insanely expensive, but at other times it can be incredibly cheap to pick up a near-launch-day title. Don’t be afraid to stray into one on your way to an established high-street games store.


Trading your video games the easy way

Trading in is a great way to see better returns on your investment – sometimes as much as 25% above cash returns. However, Game is best known for its “beat the best deal” trade-in (so long as it’s within three miles of one of their stores). Bring up the cost that someone else is giving and they’ll match it and add £1 per title – particularly handy if you’ve got four or five things to trade in!


Quick turnovers

Trading in a new game quickly won’t get all your money back – especially if you’re asking for cash, and not store credit – but it’s well worth your time to send it back in if you know it’ll only sit collecting dust on your shelf. Sometimes, the likes of Game offer a trade-in deal to cut the price off a selected title by trading in a contemporary release – you can be quite clever with it.


Subscription services

There’s something great to be said about the likes of PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold. While the outlay cost of these services can seem pretty steep – usually around the £40 mark for the year, but cheaper on a month-to-month basis (and you can usually get a great deal on the likes of CDKeys for an annual pass) – they each offer a whole swathe of free games to download every month.


Just recently, Xbox Live’s Games with Gold gave away Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tomb Raider, Thief and Crysis 3; PS Plus is handing out Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor Warfighter just this month. If you’re not fussy, and you want to get the most out of the full functionality of your console, look into deals on these subscriptions.