Ways to make family functions that little bit cheaper

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Family Functions – So Christmas is over, you’ve got yourself into a bit of a pickle on the money side of things (as we all do, naturally), and you’re in charge of having to organise another family function – your child’s birthday, a Christening, or even just a gathering for those who couldn’t make the big day itself. How do you take care of business quickly and effectively without breaking the bank? Well, here are a few things to consider…


Make your own presents for family functions 

Some, if not most, of the best presents you can get are ones that take a lot more time to create – whether by a skilled craftsman in a shop or online, or by your very own hands. The thing is, it plays to your strengths (and their loves) – it could be knitting, artwork, crafts, poetry, maybe even a song – but it’ll be personal. Take some time to consider what you can do; money may be tight, but your time (especially after Christmas) will likely be largely free.


Small, more considerate gifts for family functions 

People usually assume that big and flashy presents are the way to go with most people – almost a shock and awe tactic that is, when you think about it, a little bit redundant. Honestly, how many times has someone knocked you off your feet with a small present that was incredibly well thought-out?


Think about the fun or memorable times you’ve spent with someone, and adapt these into inspirations for a gift. Take into account photos, things they’ve complained about being without, the works.


Keeping the kids – and your guests – happy with arts and crafts during family functions 

What better way to be a proud parent – and keep your kids happy on two levels in the process – than to ask them to help out with decorating a house for a function? Think about enlisting your young ones to make centrepieces, bunting, place cards and whatnot themselves. Grab paper, tape, pens, paint, crayons, even glitter (if you’re brave) and have them make the get-together that bit more special. They’ll love that they’re on show, and undoubtedly get praise from all quarters – and you don’t have to shell out for expensive decorations!


Bring your own

What’s the point in playing to people’s individual culinary expectations when you can get the base ingredients and have people bring their own food instead? Ensure you get the right number of snacks to tie people over if they just want to graze, but get others to bring oven-ready treats you can bang under the grill when they get peckish. It may be January, but you could make it that little bit more exciting by staging a winter barbecue – something people are bound to bring their own treats to!