Six wedding cake myths to watch out for

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Wedding cake myths. There was a time when a wedding cake largely looked alike: three white royal iced tiers with piped icing and decorative flowers, concealing the fruitcake within. How times have changed. These days, wedding cakes can come in dozens of different flavours, shapes, sizes and styles – whatever your heart desires.


Here are some common wedding cake myths – and why they are wrong.

‘Wedding cakes have to be fruit cakes.’

Only if you’re partial to fruitcake. While traditionally used as they kept well and were sturdy enough to ice, these days bakers are happy to work with sponge cakes if that’s more to your taste. You can even have tiers in different flavours, so everyone’s favourite is included.

‘Wedding cakes have to be white.’

It’s not enshrined in law. Match your cake to your wedding colours, opt for a rainbow design or go minimalist with a delicately decorated bare sponge cake – white was boring anyway.

‘Wedding cakes have to be, well, cakes.’

Do not let the name fool you – it’s not unusual to see savoury cakes made from pies, stacked cheeses and other delights take the place of the traditional wedding cake. Cupcake towers have also become popular – and save the hassle of cutting the cake into slices for your guests.

‘Wedding cakes have to be big enough to feed everyone.’

Don’t break the bank buying a huge cake when some guests won’t even take a slice home. If you want your guests to enjoy something sweet without the expense of a giant cake, why not ask people to bring their own cakes and baked treats for a dessert table? More choice, more cake, smaller bill – everyone’s a winner.

You have to have a bride and groom on top.’

Lego figures, Troll dolls, penguin figures and even small stuffed animals are now used as unconventional cake toppers to add a bit more personality to wedding cakes. Choose cake toppers that reflect you as a couple – they’ll be more interesting to your guests.

‘Make your own wedding cake to save cash.’

Your cake can be whatever you want it to be – but don’t risk the added pressure and stress of making it yourself unless you want to be icing in a cold sweat at 2am the night before your wedding. Wedding cakes are big business for a reason – they’re time consuming and need professionals for a perfect finish. Focus on your own preparations and leave the cake to the experts.