Wedding day savings : easy cost-cutting techniques on your wedding day

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Wedding day savings : easy cost-cutting techniques on your wedding day. We all know that regardless of the budget you’re working to, a wedding is an expensive day. As we’ve already discussed in a previous post , making the priority purchases can really dig into a budget. As such, we’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to make things that little bit cheaper. Some things may not be to your taste – obviously, every wedding is different! – but with a few small adjustments, you can save yourself a nice chunk of change.

Wedding day savings – Haggle. No, really

You’ll be surprised at how well venues can argue their popularity when you’re trying to plan your big day. Many will say that others are interested, or that they only charged a fixed rate. Don’t let this put you off – argue the toss on the overall price, or agree to pay it on specific conditions, e.g. free toasts, three courses for the price of two, and so on. Haggle on everything. If you overstretch yourself, you’ll find out – but venue owners won’t decide not to have you based on your search for a good deal. A deal’s a deal, and they’ve heard it all before.

Don’t even go for a meal – consider something more informal

One of the biggest costs at any wedding is the food. But do people really care about sitting down for a meal? Scrimping will be reflected in the taste buds of guests – it’s very much a “go big or go home” situation – but why not, instead, go for a picnic? You can get all kinds of fantastic food – all you need is a back-up marquee; the weather may work out in the summer. If not, what about a buffet? Our team have enjoyed many a sausage sandwich in recent years; get a good selection on the go and people will be happy. Get creative!

Wedding day savings – Pay your own way on alcohol

There are a number of ways that venues can upsell through alcohol to your guests. At one wedding a Bamboo staff member attended, they had to pay £2 extra on a pint solely because they were attending the wedding – another guest at the complex paid less because they weren’t! Avoid leaving a bad taste in the mouth of any guest (regardless of how nice the drinks are) by considering places that allow for personal purchase, instead of paying a tariff to lower costs on alcohol. Sure, there may be corkage fees, but you may find them much cheaper than the prices charged for alcohol – and you could get great deals at a cash and carry.

Wedding day savings on flowers: Forego real, choose silk

It’s not often that silk is considered cheap, but the price of real flowers at your wedding can be really rather astonishing. Consider the lower cost of silk flowers. Not only do they avoid the possibility of staining that you can get from pollen on lilies and so forth, but you get to keep them after everything’s said and done – and you don’t have to worry about getting a dodgy bouquet that’s on its last legs!