Wedding loans: Planning your dream honeymoon

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Wedding loans can help fund your dream honeymoon when you’re in a pinch, or help spread the cost over affordable repayments.

After the stress, hassle and worry that you go through to organise your perfect wedding day, the last thing you need is to be worried about how you can afford your honeymoon too.

Honeymoons are for relaxing and spending time together as a married couple for the first time. You don’t want to be distracted or not enjoy the holiday because you’re wrapped up in whether or not you can afford it.

Fortunately, whether you’ve spent all of the wedding budget on the big day or have a little leftover for the honeymoon, there are ways for everybody fund their dream trip.

Before thinking about wedding loans: Reduce the initial cost of your wedding or honeymoon

Although this seems quite obvious, it’s worth bearing in mind. If you can keep down the initial cost of your wedding or honeymoon, you’ll save money or have more money to spend while you’re away. From choosing a weekday to secondhand dresses, there are lots of ways to keep the cost of your big day down. Check out Money Saving Expert’s cheaper weddings tips for ideas.

And if you’d like a way of keeping tabs on your budget and how much you’re spending, have a look at this really handy budget planner.

Check out honeymoon destinations out of season

If you can, why not plan to go on your honeymoon out-of-season? Even if it means waiting a few months after the wedding, there are big savings to be had by going outside of school holidays and peak seasons.

Most package deals are much cheaper out-of-season and – if you find a location with great climate – you won’t miss out on the sun. Plus, you won’t have to fight for place at the beach or a drink at the bar – everywhere is normally much quieter.

Affordable all-inclusive resorts or self-catering apartments?

Affordable all-inclusive resorts can be a great way of keeping costs down – all of your food, alcohol and – sometimes – entertainment are covered in the cost. You can go on your honeymoon safe in the knowledge that you can lay by the pool, sip a cocktail and tuck into some local food without spending an extra penny on top of the upfront fee.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more personal and individual, it might be worth considering self-catering apartments. You can save an awful lot of money on food if you cook for yourself a few nights of the holiday and it’s always an experience to cook a local dish using ingredients from the local market!

Plus, self-catering holidays can be cheaper, even if you don’t cook for yourself – and you get to experience a lot more of the local culture. Speak to locals and ask them what their favourite restaurants are for a nice meal or quick dinner and you’ll often find out about restaurants off of the beaten track that tourists never hear about. The prices are usually cheaper (as they’ve not been marked up for tourists) and the restaurants are usually cooking more authentic food.

Find an apartment online

As it’s your honeymoon, it’s also a lot more romantic to go self-catering or half-board and cook each other food or share a meal in a quiet local restaurant, rather than in the busy all-inclusive hotel restaurant.

If you’re thinking of looking into self-catering, sites like AirBnB can be a great way of saving money while also renting a great apartment in parts of the city that you wouldn’t be able to find a hotel. You’ll also get a place that feels like it is yours for the honeymoon – something that you could never get from a hotel.

Location, location, location

When you’re planning your honeymoon, why not think about the type of honeymoon you want, rather than the exact location? If you’re keen to go for a beach holiday or a city break – but aren’t set on where, there are lots of hidden gems that are significantly cheaper than their more well known counterparts.

Look for places that have great exchange rates and for places where you can make the pound goes further. Countries that are not in the EU or haven’t adopted the Euro yet are usually a good place to start. Budapest, for example, has all of the sights, culture and atmosphere of many better-known European capitals, but with exchange rates a lot more favourable than GBP to Euro, your money will go a lot further.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location and kept the cost down as much as possible, there are still a few ways to fund your dream honeymoon, even if you’re a little short of cash

Funding your honeymoon: credit cards

If you can find a credit card with 0% options or low-interest rates, then using a credit card can be a great way to break the cost of the honeymoon up over monthly repayments without any extra expense. However, be warned, if you don’t pay it back within the initial period, you may end up paying higher interest rates – driving the overall cost of the honeymoon up quite significantly.

If you’re looking to pay the honeymoon off over an extended period of time, then perhaps using a credit card isn’t the best way for you to fund your honeymoon. Perhaps consider alternative options.

Funding your honeymoon: wedding loans

If you’re looking to borrow the money to fund the honeymoon over a fixed period of time, then wedding loans can be a great option. Knowing how much you can borrow and what you’ll have to repay every month means that you can relax while you’re away and not have to worry about worry about whether or not to buy the extra cocktail by the beach or to go on that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Your honeymoon is a chance to relax and enjoy being newly married and whether that means chilling by the beach, going on day trips, ordering cocktails, getting room service or going for a special meal, it’s important that you enjoy it to the fullest, without worrying about money.

That’s why Bamboo offers wedding loans that have been designed to help couples fund their dream honeymoons by splitting the cost up into regular, affordable repayments. To see how much you could borrow towards your perfect post-wedding getaway, why not get a quote? Representative 49.7% APR. A guarantee may be required.

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