Wedding photography: getting the most for your money

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Wedding photography can be very expensive and it is crucial to get it right. As one of the most important and, by extension, one of the most expensive things to invest in on your big day, wedding photography is something that’s important to get right. Yet while professionals and even amateur snappers can direct people for the best shots, it’s important that you know what you want from your pictures – and that you’re prepared when the time comes.


Here, we’ve put together a few tips to make sure that you not only capture your memories, but make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

Wedding photography top tip: Meet the photographer before the wedding

If you don’t get along with an acquaintance, you probably won’t invite them to the wedding. Extend this common sense to the photographer, too. Just remember: if you don’t meet them before the big day – even if it’s just on a webcam – you could have a tough day ahead. After all, they are going to be an integral part of one of the most important days of your life.


Look through entire wedding albums, not just best bits

Portfolios are there to show off the best things in a photographer’s collection – not the best weddings, but the best few shots of each. Ask to see a full wedding shoot – you’ll be able to weigh up the consistency and skill of each shot, and get some ideas for what you’d like, too.


Create a “shoot list”

One common complaint that photographers have of brides, who naturally get a bit stressed on their big day, is that they will sometimes complain that they missed getting a certain shot – of kids, at a certain point in the ceremony, etc. Don’t be that person – get your list of photos down at the start of the day. Don’t do too many, but have a handy list to hand for the photographer to tick off.


Rent a second camera body for insurance
The last thing you need is a critical failure of equipment when you’re having your shots taken. You don’t need to get another lens, and the same camera body can be rented for next to nothing; what’s more, it can also make things quicker if the photographer is swapping between lenses, should you be paying by the hour.


Don’t forget to factor in post-production

Those who’ve used a camera – even one on their phone – know that it’s not a simple case of taking a photo and that being that. Time, effort and money are needed to put shots through post-production – the likes of Photoshop and Lightroom to improve upon the great pictures already snapped. Don’t hire a photographer that shoots and sends – make sure you get a nice aftercare package, too.